What Are These Ants In My Kitchen & Bathroom?

carpenter ant crawling on water damaged wood

We get a couple of questions about ants very regularly in our office. What kind of ant is this? And why are they hiding out in my bathroom? Several species of ants are attracted to our homes, specifically to our bathrooms and kitchens for a few reasons. Ants, like all living creatures, need food and water to survive. The traditionally damp areas under a sink or around a shower are ideal for them. Many species of ants also dine on sweet, sugary foods that are easily accessible in the typical kitchen.

Ants, such as the citronella ant and the odorous house ant, can be attracted to these areas of the home. The citronella ant is attracted to your home for the moisture, and the odorous house ant for the free meal that might be scattered under the fridge. Occasionally, both of these species of ant will find their way in with their actual nest being somewhere outside; but should they decide to nest inside, before long there will be thousands of ants living under the floorboards or in the crawlspace of the home. Though neither of these species of ant is particularly dangerous, they do both give off an intense odor when threatened or squished. They also can attract other pests looking to make a meal of ants to the home which could quickly get out of hand as well.

Another contender from the ant world who will frequent a kitchen or bathroom area is the carpenter ant. These ants are also attracted to moist areas mostly because that means that the wood in that area is likely easier to dig through. Carpenter ants make their nests in either the wood of a tree or, all too frequently, in the walls of someone’s home. Unlike their cousins, these ants have the potential to do a massive amount of damage to the structure of the house as they tunnel their way through the framing and walls. They do not eat wood, though. The tunnels give the carpenter ant more room to house their growing family.

If you have seen ants frequenting either the kitchen or bathroom of your home, be sure to contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Even if you only see one or two, there is likely a thousand more where they came from. Our certified team members work with homeowners all over the area to eliminate the threat of ants along with many other household pests every day. One ant left behind is an ant too many. Give us a call today.

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