What To Do If Spiders Have Invaded Your Bettendorf Home

a this legged gray basement spider crawling along a bettendorf home

Spring is the time of year when we relish the chance to throw open the windows and do some deep cleaning in our homes. But sometimes spring cleaning can reveal some unpleasant things of which we weren’t previously aware. If you do some spring cleaning this year and discover that spiders have invaded your Bettendorf home, do you know what to do?

Why Spiders Are In Your Bettendorf Home

Spiders often move indoors during the colder winter months. They’ll sneak through cracks in your foundation or holes in your siding and make their way inside. While you may have noticed an increase in spider activity late last fall, it’s possible that they then moved into more secluded areas of your home, such as a storage room or the basement, and went mostly unnoticed all winter. If you’re now cleaning out the areas you don’t normally pay too much attention to, you may notice that your home has a spider problem.

Why You Don’t Want Spiders In Your Bettendorf Home

If you’re not particularly afraid of spiders, you might see no reason to be alarmed by their presence in your Bettendorf home. However, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t allow them to stay.

  1. Spiders can be an indication of another pest problem. Spiders usually follow food sources, so their presence in your home could mean that you have other pests living there too.

  2. Some spiders are venomous. While these spiders like to keep to themselves, they will bite if provoked and can cause serious health concerns. Black widow spider bites can affect your nervous system and brown recluse bites can cause necrosis of the tissue around the bite.

  3. Spiders are nuisances. They leave webs all over the place and can contaminate your food.

What To Do If You Have Spiders In Your Bettendorf Home

Frequent vacuuming and removal of spider webs is a good place to start, but it won’t completely eliminate your spider problem. The best thing to do to get rid of a spider problem is to call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

No matter what type of spider has invaded your Bettendorf home, Quik-Kill can get rid of them. Don’t wait until the problem grows out of hand. Give Quik-Kill a call and soon your home will once again be spider free.

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