The Cheaper Way To Get Bed Bugs Out Of Your Moline Home

a bed bug crawling on a human arm

In your Moline home, you might encounter many annoying or harmful pests. While some pests are mostly just a nuisance and do not pose any significant risk, others can be a big problem as they pose health risks or cause damage to property.

One of the most dreaded pests for many homeowners is bed bugs. These pests are a big problem because they tend to spread quickly from room to room or apartment to apartment. They also have a nasty reputation for feeding on our blood as we sleep.

Bed bugs are a rather small pest, but they can be seen by the naked eye if you know how to look for them. Here is what bed bugs look like:

  • They are generally reddish-brown.

  • They have bodies that are long and shaped like an oval.

  • They have flat bodies, but their bodies will appear round after they’ve eaten.

  • They are around the size of an apple seed.

No one wants to deal with a bloodsucking pest in their bed, especially one that is so hard to get rid of. When many homeowners see signs of bed bugs, they want to get rid of them on their own to save time or money. While it might seem like do-it-yourself bed bug removal is cheaper, this isn’t always the case.

Is It Cheaper To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own?

Bed bugs are gross and can pose some health risks to humans, so they are a pest that people want to get rid of right away. But, in their efforts to eliminate bed bugs while saving money, many people try to take on the problem on their own. Many common DIY bed bug methods aren’t as cheap as you might think.

The exact cost of getting rid of bed bugs varies on how bad the infestation is and the size of your home. But, overall the main reason these methods aren’t cost-effective is that they don’t work very well. They don't really get rid of the infestation which means you end up wasting a lot of time and money and have only frustration and a new bed bug outbreak to show for it.

Here are some common do it yourself methods of bed bug removal:

  • Getting rid of infested items

  • Using pesticides

  • Making devices such as kill chambers

  • Bed bug traps

Even cheap methods can cost at least a hundred dollars to buy, and, since they usually aren’t effective, the costs can add up with each attempt. These methods lead to a lot of aggravation and generally just aren’t worth it.

Advantages Of Professional Pest Control Services

So much time, stress, and money can be wasted trying to get rid of bed bugs on your own. The most effective method to get rid of bed bugs for good is to contact the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our bed bug removal program is effective and that is what makes it much cheaper in the long run.

Our bed bug removal involves a free inspection by a licensed and certified technician followed by a treatment that combines steam-based options as well as conventional methods. After this, our technician will return to your home after two weeks to make sure all of the bed bugs have been eliminated.

Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

If you’ve noticed bed bugs, the experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators are here to help. We provide cost-effective bed bug removal that works. We can also provide you with assistance if you’re not sure if you have bed bugs or not. Give us a call today to learn more about our free inspections for bed bugs in your Moline home.

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