What Happens To Bettendorf Spiders In The Winter?

a house spider in a web

While the wintertime might be cold and dreary compared to warmer months, many people enjoy seeing fewer bugs and other pests during this time of year. While it’s easy to assume this means pest problems only occur in the spring and summer, they can actually happen year-round.

Spiders in Bettendorf are one pest that residents are often surprised to find inside during the winter because they assume they have all died. The truth is that most spiders survive the winter by using their very own antifreeze system that allows them to survive outdoors even in freezing temperatures. While spiders don’t hibernate, many enter a state called diapause where they are functioning at a slower rate. So, unlike many common winter pests, they aren’t coming inside of buildings in search of warmth or shelter.

Why Do Spiders Come Inside In The Winter?

Instead of looking for a place to hide from the cold, spiders infest area homes and businesses because they are looking for prey. This means that spiders you see inside in the winter have likely been there all along. Most likely, these spiders have been living in corners and other hidden areas that you don’t usually see. The reason you’re noticing them now is that they’ve been growing and breeding over time, so the infestation is probably worse than you realize if you see an influx of spiders suddenly.

Luckily, most spiders in Bettendorf are nuisance pests as their venom isn’t potent enough to harm humans. However, the brown recluse and black widow spider are both dangerous to humans, so if you identify these spiders around your home, it’s especially important to have them removed as soon as possible.

What Are The Best Spider Prevention Tips?

Overall, the best way to protect yourself and others from spiders, especially the dangerous species, is to take steps to prevent them before they get inside. This means you should focus on spider prevention year-round but especially before the temperatures drop below freezing. Remember that spiders are coming inside in search of prey, so the main way to prevent them is to address any other pest problems.

To help you protect you home from spiders, we’ve put together this list of the most effective spider prevention tips that can also help deter their pest prey:

  • Keep pests from coming inside by sealing up cracks and crevices in the walls and foundation of the building using caulk and other materials.

  • Fix or replace any broken screens in doors and windows.

  • To prevent many other pest species, regularly take out the trash and place lids on garbage cans both inside and outside.

  • Many spiders and their pest prey thrive in humid environments, so you should repair broken faucets and pipes.

  • Store firewood at least 30 feet away from the exterior of the home or business as many spiders, including black widows, live and hide in wood piles.

Why Spiders Are So Difficult To Remove

If you see spiders around your property in the winter, you probably want to remove them as quickly as possible and might try and take matters into your own hands. However, spiders and their pest prey can be hard to completely eliminate on your own because of their ability to hide in so many small, hidden areas of your home. The best way to remove both spiders and the pests they eat is to get help from the experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

With nearly 100 years in business, we are a second-generation family-owned company that provides reliable, quality residential and commercial pest control. Learn more and schedule your first appointment by calling us at (888) 672-0022.

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