When Do Fleas Become Active Around Streator, Illinois?

a colony of fleas infesting the long haired coat of a pet in a streator home

As the weather warms up, you might begin wondering when you will have to start dealing with summertime pests again. Fleas begin making their appearance in early spring. It becomes too cold for fleas to survive winters in Streator, Illinois but once the warm weather hits, watch out! But taking steps now in the early spring can help you prevent fleas from being a problem all summer long. Getting professional pest control from Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is a sure fire way to keep flea populations down on your property.

What is the seasonality for fleas?

Outdoors, fleas and their eggs and larvae die off if temperatures drop consistently below 30 degrees. They thrive in warmer temperatures with high humidity. Average summertime temperatures in the mid-60’s to high 80’s is ideal for fleas. But if fleas are indoors, where the temperature stays warm, they can continue to thrive. They can also hitch a ride on warm animals to survive colder temperatures.

When do fleas become active?

In Illinois, late spring into early summer, when temperatures are consistently on the warmer side, are when fleas become active outdoors. They may stay active on your indoor pets year round, however.

Why is now the time to take preventative measures?

It’s much easier to control flea populations when they are not as active. Early spring hasn’t brought them to their peak yet so it’s an ideal time to treat for them. It’s a great idea to contact Quik-Kill now to start scheduling regular visits with our year-round Home Guardian service.

What steps can you take to avoid fleas?

If you have pets, you should follow your veterinarian’s advice and treatment and prevention plan for fleas and ticks. In your home, you should vacuum regularly, including upholstered furniture and pet beds. And practice exclusion techniques to keep rodents that may be carrying fleas out of your home.

Why call Quik-Kill for fleas?

Fleas can become a nuisance rather quickly and can hang around for a long time. They can transmit infections to your pets and cause annoying itchy bites, even on humans. Call us at Quik-Kill today to schedule an inspection. We are experts at flea and tick treatments and can help you keep your Davenport home and throughout the Quad City area's from ticks and other annoying pests all year long.

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