Professional Pest Control Can Stop Bed Bugs Before They Happen

bed bug

If you’ve never dealt with bed bugs, you may think you can figure out a way to treat an infestation on your own. After all, the internet is a powerful tool with huge amounts of information just a few clicks away. They can’t be harder to get rid of than any other bug, right?

While there may be some DIY ways to attempt treating a bed bug infestation, none of them fully grasp the fact that simply getting rid of all the bed bugs you can see isn’t going to cut it. These small, resilient insects are masters at squeezing into impossibly tight spaces. They can be found behind loose wallpaper, under your floorboards, in your electrical outlets—and, as long as you don’t locate and eliminate every single bed bug in your Davenport, IA home, you will still have a problem.

Because bed bugs multiply on a rapid scale, having even a single female bed bug in your home can lead to thousands of other bed bugs. To put things in perspective, one female bed bug can lay about 500 eggs over the course of its life, and each of those hatched eggs can do the same within a few months or so. On top of that catastrophic realization, bed bugs reproduce the fastest in temperatures in which most people like to keep their homes —between 70 and 82 degrees.

You might think the best option at this point is to just starve them. If you and your family aren’t home, surely they won’t be able to survive without your blood. So you pack up your family and go on vacation for a couple months, just to come back to find that your home is still overrun by these pests! Why? Crazily enough, adult bed bugs can live an entire year or more without feeding, if their warm-blooded hosts are not around to provide them with a meal, while nymphs can live without a meal for several months.

Calling a professional is always your best option, when dealing with bed bugs, because professional pest control can rid your house of pests quicker and more effectively than you ever could on your own. By contacting an expert, not only do they provide you and your home with a safe protection method, but they also get rid of your infestation long before it has time to take over your life. It’s not enough to just keep bed bugs “under control.” In order to keep your home safe from these invaders, a total eradication is imperative.

That’s why the professionals here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators are trained in a variety of bed bug elimination services, including conventional bed bug treatments, heat treatments, pre-treatment services, and several others. We know how pesky bed bugs can be when it comes to getting rid of them, and as nationally-known pest control experts, you can be sure that your home is safe with us. Don’t let bed bugs keep biting, contact Quik-Kill today so we can schedule your inspection.

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