Is It Dangerous To Have Fruit Flies In My Quad Cities' Home?

a fruit fly on a kitchen towel

Just when you think your home is pest-free, you see a fruit fly buzzing around your trash can. These pests can be frustrating, invasive, and very hard to keep out. However, they don’t strike fear into the hearts of Quad Cities residents as other pests do. If you see a fruit fly in your home, should you be worried about health hazards?

What Are They Bringing In?

These small flies get their nickname from their affinity for fruit, which will attract them to your property and into your home. But the tiny fruit flies that invade Quad City homes are much smaller than the traditional Mediterranean fruit flies that frequently invade farms and put a variety of crops in danger. 
The fruit flies that commonly invade homes are only about an eighth of an inch long with wings that extend just off of their backs. They typically feature a tan abdomen that extends to a darker brown or black tail. Their small size and skilled flying ability allow them to gain entrance to almost any home or business, and their presence can be more dangerous than many homeowners think.
Fruit flies thrive on rotting, decaying, moist matter. While they do invade homes in search of food sources, they prefer to inhabit the most unsanitary parts of town, places such as landfills, dumpsters, garbage cans, etc. When hanging around these places, fruit flies can pick up dangerous bacteria, microorganisms, parasites, and diseases… and then bring them into your house.
Though rare, fruit fly infestations can lead to illnesses, including salmonella, E.coli, and others. Since fruit flies are so attracted to your kitchen area, they’ll usually congregate in the same places you store and prepare your food, which provides opportunities for you to incur a harmful sickness.

Preventative Methods And Mishaps

If you have already incurred a fruit fly infestation, there isn’t a lot you can do to get rid of it. These flies breed rapidly in multiple areas, both in your house and outside. If you notice fruit fly activity or food decay in places like your kitchen, your pantry, fruits left on the counter, or your outdoor trash cans, then it’s likely you’ve incurred an infestation.
If you haven’t incurred an infestation yet, shift your attention toward avoiding an infestation in the first place. Since fruit flies can gain access to almost anywhere, your prevention shouldn’t focus on trying to keep them out. You’ll be more successful if you limit the factors that attract them to your property or into your home. The best ways to do this include:

  • Storing food properly, including fruit

  • Disposing of organic food waste in tightly sealed bags

  • Addressing moisture issues like leaking pipes and excess humidity

  • Getting rid of fallen fruit in the yard

  • Cleaning regularly to reduce loose crumbs

  • Picking up pet feces in the yard

While these methods can help you limit fruit fly attraction to your property, remember that nothing aside from professional pest control solutions are guaranteed to keep your home and family free from these pests. If you want to rest assured that fruit flies in Quad Cities won’t be an issue, you need the professional help you can count on. Don’t risk your health and waste your money on home remedies or store-bought sprays. Contact the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for more advice or assistance. We can help.

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