Is My Peoria Home At Risk For Termites?

a colony of termites swarming on a wooden structure on a peoria home

Are the wooden structures of your home stable? Hopefully, the answer to this question is yes, but if you have termites feeding on the wood in your house, you could be in trouble. Termite damage isn’t often visible. You can’t see inside your walls, and you probably don’t spend a lot of time in the damp, dark crawl spaces under your home. If termites have found a way inside, they could be digging tunnels and troughs in the wooden structures of your house, causing damage that is difficult to reverse.

When is termite season?

Unfortunately, termites in Peoria can be active year-round. Sometimes winter is cold enough to keep them subdued, but not always. If termites have been waiting out the winter, they’ll be even more active come spring. This means that you could have a termite infestation this month.

What are termites?

Termites look like small white ants. Termites in Iowa and Illinois are subterranean termites. They live in underground nests wherever they can find damp soil. These nests will often be close to a building, and worker termites will travel back and forth between the ground nest and the wood inside the building. They prefer soft wood which is easier to eat, such as wood that is wet or rotting. If you have plumbing or drainage problems in your house, you could be attracting termites.

How to prevent termite damage?

Before you have a termite infestation, you can take some steps to try to make your home less inviting. First, check your house for any leaks or water damage. Termites will come if they find accessible food in your home. The next step is to check the outside of your house. Look for areas where the soil is moist. If you can keep the ground dry, you will be more likely to keep termites from nesting. If possible, create a block between damp soil and the exterior of your house. This will make it harder for termites to travel between the ground and their food.

When to call a professional?

These steps might keep termites from getting into your home, but they often aren’t enough. There’s no way to guarantee that termites won’t find your house without professional help. And when they do get inside, you’ll need professional help to get them out.

Quick-Kill Pest Eliminators uses Sentricon® System with Always Active™ to eliminate termites. Sentricon® System is not available for purchase by consumers, and it requires special equipment and knowledge. Quick-Kill technicians have the training and experience necessary to properly treat your house for termites.

Sentricon® System is a bait system which attracts termites. In fact, termites are even more attracted to the bait in Sentricon® than they are to the wood in your Peoria house! Once a termite takes the bait, Sentricon® System works to efficiently eliminate the entire colony of termites. This system is always active, meaning that once a technician installs it, the system does the work. You get continual protection against termites without frequent visits from a pest control technician (or any effort on your part). Call Quick-Kill to protect your home from termite damage.

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