How Do Ant Infestations Start In The Quad Cities?

close up of ant on twig

Fortunately, most ants are considered more nuisance pests and do not pose direct health risks; however, they may spread bacteria and contaminate food sources as they travel indoors. Among the most common types of ants found include acrobat ants, Argentine ants, odorous house ants, pavement ants, and several others.

What Attracts Ants Indoors?

Ants are opportunistic pests that eat most of the same foods that humans do. Once ants identify a food source inside an Iowa or Illinois home or business, the chemical trail of pheromones they create acts as a signal to others, which is a reason why ant intrusions quickly multiply.   

The Difficulties In Preventing Ant Invasions 

Because of their small size, preventing ants from entering a property is challenging. Some of the best tips include: 

  • Keep kitchens areas clear of food by placing leftovers in the refrigerator or durable sealed containers, removing spills, sweeping up crumbs, and not leaving dirty dishes out overnight.

  • Trash cans in kitchen areas or others containing food scraps should have tightly fitting lids, and bowls of uneaten pet food should be removed.

  • Limit access to water sources by repairing leaky spigots, fixing plumbing leaks, and keeping gutters and downspouts clear.

  • Closely inspect the exterior area of the structure near the foundation for any cracks, crevices, or other possible entry points and fill them with a weatherproof caulk or sealant. 

  • Check the seals that surround windows and doors, apply weather-stripping, and install door sweeps where needed.

The Importance Of Contacting A Professional Pest Controller 

Some homeowners will notice a small group of ants and casually sweep up the mess without properly cleaning with a soap or other products to completely eliminate residues and odors, often resulting in ants returning to the area. Other individuals will notice that ants are entering the home but fail to identify the underlying causes or points of access properly. In both cases, minor intrusions from ants are likely to develop into full-blown infestations. 

Other groups of property owners will acknowledge a problem and respond by trying do-it-yourself treatment options such as those sold online and in local stores. Many of these products, including baiting stations, granular formulas, and aerosol sprays, are merely capable of producing short-term results and often lead to further frustration. While these store-bought solutions may initially kill many ants, they are usually ineffective against deeply rooted infestations and might contain harsh chemical additives. 

The best means of responding to these and other pest-related concerns is to promptly speak with a licensed pest control professional who is properly trained and equipped to safely and effectively solve these problems. A seasoned pest control technician will also likely identify any other conditions on the property that make it susceptible to future invasions from pests. 

Locally-Owned Pest Control Company 

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