Fall Pest Threats Across Illinois And Iowa

Box elder bug on white background.

Fall is in the air. Many folks think there is nothing better than the relief from the hot summer temperatures. And the last thing we want to think about are the pests that will continue to plague our homes. You would think that they would all die off now that the weather is cooler. However, box elder bugs, ticks, and rodents are still quite active and will need to be dealt with.

These pests have a variety of reasons for sticking around so long:

  • Box elder bugs are found on seed-bearing trees, especially box elder trees. In the fall, when it is cool, the adults will flock to sunny sides of buildings and then find a crack, crevice, or gap in which to enter the home for warmth. Once indoors they will end up in crawl spaces and attics, as well as behind walls and under floors. Box elder bugs eat the soft plant tissue of the trees they are infesting by using their beak-like mouth parts to suck from the young branches, leaves, and flowers. In order to prevent these pests, you would need to eliminate their food sources which is not always practical since it involves removing trees. You can, however, seal off all entry points, keep your siding in good repair, and use window screens.
  • Ticks are found on wooded trails, along the edges of fields, and in tall grass. Humans and pets should avoid these areas if possible to prevent ticks and tick-borne illnesses. When ticks find their way indoors, they thrive in the warmer and drier environment, plus they feed on the blood of humans and pets. In order to prevent ticks, you should make sure they can’t get in by sealing all potential entry points and do a thorough inspection of yourself and your pet after spending any time outdoors.
  • Rodents are found outdoors under and in anything they can find, and they scurry about collecting items to build nests and to eat. They will make their way indoors to find food, water, shelter, and warmth, where they will make their nests, breed, and raise their young. They have continuously growing incisors that they have to keep at a reasonable length by gnawing on things. They cause many health risks by contaminating food sources and surfaces with the germs and bacteria on their bodies, feces, and urine. In order to keep rodents from getting into your home, you will need to block off all gaps, cracks, and crevices, as well as keep your home clean of all food and drink spills. You should also keep foods in sturdy air-tight containers and take out your trash on a regular basis.

In order to get complete prevention of pests, your best option is to sign up for a year-round pest control plan before you experience any pest-related troubles. It’s never too late though, so at the first sign of an infestation of any kind, give us a call at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators in Illinois and Iowa.

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