Overwintering Pests: What You Need To Know In Streator


The winter months are setting in, which means the critters and pests of the outdoors are trying to make their way into your warm and cozy home. That’s right, and pests don’t fly south for the winter--they make your way into your house! You may find an ant, silverfish, cockroaches, or ladybug breaking into your warm home. Before you look for the best pest control near you, let’s talk about all the different types of pests that are attempting to invade your home right now!

In this article, we’re going to tell you what bugs are trying to get into your home right now and how to prevent that from happening. The only way to truly fortify against these feisty pests is by getting a professional like Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

Types Of Local, Invading Pests

If you’re cold, they’re cold--but that doesn’t mean you have to let them in! Your home is the most susceptible to these pesky invaders in the winter months. You need to know what you’re up against. These bugs don’t mess around, and professionals like Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators know how to get them out and keep them out.

Ants are always trying to get into your home. They seek shelter from the summer heat as well as the winter sleet, looking for food on your kitchen floor. The only pest control near you can count on to get rid of these crawling critters are Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Beetles in Streator can be found in warm places like the hot water heater or the dryer.

Sure, everyone loves a ladybug on a warm spring day, but a swarm of them invading your home is another story. Silverfish are constantly making their way into homes in the winter, looking for damp, cold places. Ticks in Streator are a severe concern, specifically, the deer tick. This bugger can survive the winters and get into your home.

The Problems These Pests Cause In Your Home

These pests can cause more than just annoyance in the winter months. They can cause damage to your home, infest your basements, and contaminate your food. You don’t need these pests in your home destroying your winter sanctuary.

Though harmless in small numbers, Beatles in Streator could wreak havoc on your home. Ants love to find goodies on your kitchen counters, and they spread bacteria along your kitchen floor. Ladybugs secrete a yellow fluid that has a terrible stench. You don’t want that in your hose with all the windows closed.

One of the biggest pest concerns in Streator, the deer tick, is one of the only bugs that bite humans in the wintertime-- and oh what a bite they have. They can carry lime disease, which is why ticks in Streator are a huge problem. You need to protect your family from this savage insect. Make sure you check your canine friends after every walk! You don’t want them to pick up one of these buggers.

Preventing Winter Pests From Entering Your Streator Home

To prevent these and any pests from coming into your home, fortify your castle. Ensure all doors, windows, or floors are filled with caulk and keep your kitchen and backyard tidy. Food attracts critters like ants, and piles of leaves are the perfect place for cockroaches to hide.

You can guarantee your home is safe from insect invaders by calling a professional like Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. They have the experience and professionalism to keep winter pests like moths and beetles out! Don’t wait for an infestation to happen; call these experts at the first sign of insect shenanigans. You’ll be happy you did.

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