Why It’s Never Too Late For Professional Mosquito Treatment

Mosquito feeding on blood from someone's skin.

With fall coming, you’d think the mosquito population would start becoming less and less of a problem. Well, here in Illinois, that doesn’t seem to be the case. With our hot, humid summers and more mild winters, early to mid-fall doesn’t seem to affect the population of mosquitoes much. In fact, the cooler 50 to 60-degree temperatures that come with the beginning of fall is the exact temperature range that most mosquitoes thrive in!
Mosquitoes are definitely one of the most annoying pests to have to deal with—there’s no denying that—but they can also pose a potential threat to your health as well. It is common knowledge that mosquitoes spread diseases, however, many people seem to think that the diseases they spread are only dangerous in countries with little access to healthcare. This is entirely false. While there are fewer people infected with yellow fever and the Zika virus here in the U.S. than in some other countries, the widespread damage mosquitoes can cause from biting just one infected person is detrimental to the health of several others. It’s extremely important that preventive measures are taken to reduce the number of people bitten by mosquitoes, and therefore reducing the risk of diseases being spread.
Some DIY tactics you may find on the internet will seem promising but then produce disappointing results. One such tactic is a certain type of candle. Candles with citronella can provide temporary relief for some homeowners, but aren’t a proven way to repel mosquitos—and are ineffective on days with even a slight breeze. A lot of sites will tell you to grow specific types of plants in your yard, but again there are no proven records of this truly working. There are a number of DIY tactics that people claim will work, but none of those tactics are really a replacement for having a pest control expert treat your home.
Pest control experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators have specialized treatments suited to your specific needs. Do you only use your yard for special events and occasions? Our one-time and highly effective mosquito-control service allows your event to be nearly mosquito free. This service acts fast to kill mosquitos inhabiting your yard, preventing your guests from being bitten the day of your event. If you use your yard regularly, however, we have another service just for you. A one-time service won’t keep mosquitoes away forever, so if you plan on being outside often, an ongoing treatment plan is your best option. Either way, Quik-Kill knows how to effectively eradicate mosquitoes around your Bettendorf or Quad-City area home. Contact us today to get a free inspection and consultation about your individual treatment requirements.

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