What Does It Mean If You're Seeing Boxelder Bugs Around Your Streator Home?

Boxelder Bugs

Some pests just look scary; this is the case with the boxelder bug. This local insect has a sleek and intimidating appearance that often makes homeowners fearful when they are around.

Today we are going to break down why boxelder bugs invade Streator homes, what their presence means, and how to deal with an active infestation. Talk with our team at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators if you need help with an existing pest problem. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have and schedule an appointment for pest control in Streator to deal with boxelder bugs and other common pests.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

The boxelder bug is a local insect known for its love of the boxelder tree. This North American species is considered a true bug. It prefers to feed on and mate inside boxelder, maple, and ash trees and is often found inside homes and other temperature-controlled structures during the colder months of the year. Identify one of these pests by its ½ inch-long, oval-shaped, black body and the orange markings on its dorsum.

If you are seeing these pests inside your home this time of year, they are most likely indoors as a result of a fall invasion. They are now flying around looking for ways to get back out. We will talk more in a bit about how to deal with boxelder bug infestations and what methods work best to prevent these pests.

Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous?

Boxelder bugs are arguably one of the more dangerous-looking insects in Streator. Thankfully, looks are deceiving. These local insects do not have the ability to bite, sting, or spread any form of harmful disease. They are mostly known for their pungent odor, annoying behaviors, and the stains they leave behind on furniture, drapes, and other fabric-based items inside.

Keeping all of this in mind, a boxelder bug's presence alone is enough of a reason to want these pests out. Whether you are looking for how to get rid of boxelder bugs or want some simple methods to keep these pests out, we have what you need.

How Do You Prevent Boxelder Bugs?

Before we get into boxelder bug control, let's talk about prevention. These pests are mostly drawn to homes to find shelter. If they do not have access to interior spaces, they will not cause trouble. Here is what we recommend to avoid boxelder bug infestations in Streator:

  • Seal holes, cracks, and gaps in your home's exterior foundation, and make sure there is no space around wires and pipes that lead into your home.
  • Address damage to window and door screens and replace them as needed.
  • Invest in weatherstripping to seal leaky doors and windows around your home.
  • Keep unscreened windows and doors closed when you are not using them.

For more help with getting rid of boxelder bugs, get our team at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators involved.

How Do You Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs?

If you are looking for ways to prevent and eliminate boxelder bugs in Streator, we have what you need at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We offer a range of comprehensive options to combat these pests. If you are looking for general pest control to keep overwintering pests out this coming fall and winter, we have offerings for this as well. With everything we do, we design our plans to meet our clients' individual needs.

Contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators or check out our service pages to learn more about how we deal with pests and find a permanent solution to boxelder bugs in Streator.

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