The Problems Gnats Can Bring To Peoria Homes

Fungal Gnat on a plant.

Gnats can be frustrating pests to encounter in your Peoria home, but besides their nuisance buzzing, they may also bring certain dangers. It is important to understand the risks associated with gnats and engage in proper prevention to stop any negative encounters with these insects.

The Risk Of Gnats

Gnats are small, long-legged insects that look very similar looking to mosquitoes. It is also important to note that gnats can refer to a subgrouping of flying pest insects such as midges, crane flies, and black flies. Some gnats bite, and some don’t bite, though most of the time, you will encounter non-biting gnats.

In your home, gnats are primarily attracted to moisture and organic materials, more specifically materials that are decaying like rotten fruit and areas such as sinks, drains, or wet soil. Gnats are also attracted to the carbon dioxide, sweat, tears, and body heat that humans emit. 

Risks associated with gnats include the transport of pathogens or bacteria from the areas the gnats frequent to humans or animals around your home. Gnat bites may cause red itchy bumps on humans and trigger an allergic reaction in less common situations. These bites may also develop into a secondary bacterial infection due to scratching or irritation. However, the potential for seriously dangerous diseases or illnesses spread by gnats is generally rare and depends on the species of gnat that you have around your home or property.

Gnat Prevention Tips

If you have gnats around your home or want to remove gnats from your property, there are a few prevention tips that you can take. It is especially important to remember to remove factors that attract gnats, as this can deter them from your property in the first place.

  • Eliminate rotten or overripe fruit from your kitchen. You may choose to store fruit in sealed containers or keep all fruits safely in the refrigerator where they can’t attract gnats. If you dispose of rotten fruits, make sure to place them in a tightly sealed trash can and remove the trash from your kitchen on a regular basis.

  • Ensure that sink drains or other moist areas stay clean and clear of any organic debris or food leftovers, as these places are prime breeding grounds for most types of gnats.

  • Don’t overwater plants, and check to make sure that the soil in potted plants both inside and outside your home is dry before putting more water in the plant.

  • Fix any leaks or areas with excessive moisture both inside and outside your home. Ensure there is proper ventilation around your home to stop the buildup of interior humidity that may attract gnats.

  • Vacuum and sweep around your home regularly; this can help you remove gnats in all life stages that may be hiding around your house and keep your home clean and free of any organic materials that may attract gnats.

Professional Gnat Elimination

Gnat infestations can become widespread quickly and difficult to eliminate on your own. The best way to completely get rid of gnat or other fly infestations is with professional pest assistance from Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our experts can find the source of gnats in your house and remove them, so your home can return to being peacefully pest-free.

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