Common Spiders In Central Iowa

Black Widow Spider spins its web on a tree.

Spiders are a problem no matter where you live in the United States. Although many spiders are just scary looking and a nuisance to many homeowners, some can be very dangerous. Knowing the difference between the types of spiders can ease your mind a little and knowing who to call when spiders become a problem is essential.

Spiders become more active in the spring due to the warmer weather. Spring cleaning can also stir up activity in spiders as their cozy webs and dark corners will be disrupted. Common spiders to be on the look out for in Central Iowa are the black widow, brown recluse, wolf, cellar, house and yellow sac spiders. All of them are a nuisance, but some of them can be dangerous like the black widow, brown recluse and yellow sac.

Black widow female spiders are venomous and a bite can affect a person’s nervous system. These spiders don’t go out and look for someone to bite, and they will only bite if threatened. For example, if a spider is hiding in any type of footwear and someone puts it on, the spider will bite. Their bite can be dangerous but rarely leads to death in humans. Black widow spiders are shiny black and have a red hourglass mark on their back, with light spots that are red or white on some. The males are much smaller and have longer legs than the females.

Brown recluse spiders usually hide in piles of wood, leaves, rocks, storage areas and outbuildings, but can enter homes as well. They will also bite if tampered with directly in a shoe, clothing, or any other item they are in. Their bite is dangerous and can cause tenderness and swelling within hours that will require medical attention. Unfortunately, the bite area will ulcerate and could become infected. Healing from a brown recluse bite can take a long time, leave scars and sometimes (however rarely) cause death. A brown recluse spider body is about 1/4” long and legs can be as long as 1-1 1/2 “ in length. They are dark brown or yellowish gray in color and will have a violin-shaped mark on top.

Yellow sac spiders create mass webbing throughout woodpiles, tall grasses, bushes and trees. They will go into a home looking for a meal and may bite if dealt with directly. Their venom is weak and may cause some pain and a red welt for a brief time. Yellow sac spiders are smaller than most, they are light yellow or beige with a green hue. Their legs are darker on the tips than the rest of the body and leg.

Wolf, cellar and house spiders can be found in homes and they too are scary and creepy looking but are not dangerous to humans. Even though they are not dangerous they can cause anxiety in people that don’t like spiders. Their presence will cause unsightly webs and nests, causing them to be mostly a nuisance pest.

One of the most important things you should know is who to call in your area, Central Iowa, to help combat problem spiders. The experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators have the necessary tools and training to get rid of all spiders from your property. We can eliminate the dangers and anxiety that spiders can cause with our year-round pest control programs. Our Home Guardian Services will give you the best comprehensive protection that you need. Give us a call, and let us take care of all of your spider problems.

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