How Much Do You Really Know About The Dangers Of Cockroaches In Your Streator Home?

German Cockroach perched on a countertop.

One of the most hated pests around is the cockroach. These pests have a reputation for being difficult to get rid of, and they are also known for spreading quickly. When it comes to cockroaches, nobody wants them in their home, but many people don’t realize just how dangerous they can be. Cockroaches are known to spread many germs and diseases, and this makes them worse than you may have realized.

While there are many species of cockroaches in the world, there are three that are most common in the Streator area.

  • German Cockroach: This species can be identified by the two black stripes that run horizontally down their heads.

  • American Cockroaches: This is one of the biggest species. American cockroaches have a characteristic yellow, figure-eight pattern behind their heads.

  • Oriental Cockroach: The oriental cockroach looks similar to a black beetle and is a dark brown or glossy black color.

How Do Cockroaches Spread Germs?

Cockroaches are dangerous because they pick up pathogens in other places and then bring them inside and spread them around our homes. Cockroaches pick up these pathogens because they are attracted to moisture-rich areas near food sources. They often spend much of their time in bathrooms, sewage, and garbage before making themselves at home in our kitchens.

Cockroaches are always on the lookout for a damp, dark place to hide that is near food. This means they are attracted to kitchens and bathrooms, and they can quickly take over food preparation areas and contaminate food sources. They can even get into areas like drains and refrigerators.

As an infestation grows, you’ll likely start to notice them, but, in the beginning, cockroaches can start spreading germs around without you even knowing. They also trigger asthma and allergy issues in some people.

Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation

You might not notice actual cockroaches at first, but there are some other signs you can watch out for that will let you know if you have cockroaches. Here are some common signs of a cockroach infestation:

  • Shed skins

  • Egg capsules

  • Smear marks that are brown and irregular shaped

  • Cockroach droppings that look like ground coffee

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, it’s best to reach out to pest control professionals to get help right away. However, if you haven’t noticed any signs, there are some steps you can take to prevent cockroaches from coming into your home in the future. These methods aren’t completely effective, but they can help.

  • Clean up food spills and crumbs as they occur.

  • Limit how much excess moisture is in your home by fixing leaky pipes and faucets.

  • Make sure that you vacuum and declutter often.

  • Repair holes and tears in window and door screens.

  • Keep pet food stored properly.

Protecting Your Home From Cockroaches

If you’ve noticed a cockroach in your Streator home, it’s important to keep your home and family safe. The best way to handle cockroach infestations is to contact the experts at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We can get rid of cockroaches quickly and safely and ensure they don’t keep coming back. Give us a call to learn more about our cockroach prevention and removal programs.

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