Most Common Places To Find Wood Roaches

Modern brick and glass-covered fireplace with a pile of wood and fire pokers beside it.

Spring is fast approaching, and in the Moline, Illinois area, that means wood roaches will be moving around in full force! Wood roaches, or wood cockroaches, are a species that usually make it into our homes by accident. While we’re doing our spring cleaning, airing out the house, and working on some new garden projects, humans have been known to unintentionally bring wood cockroaches in from the outdoors. It’s important to know that they do not inherently look for indoor living spaces like termites or other roaches are prone to do.

Our uninvited visitors look like many other species of cockroach. The males are around an inch in length at adulthood and almost always appear tan or light brown in color. Unless you are really looking, it’s really unlikely you’re ever going to see a female, as they tend to be reclusive by nature. There should be a translucent stripe around the outside of their wings, separating them in looks from other cockroaches.

Prevention Tips Everybody Should Follow

  • Secure windows at night. The male wood roach is drawn to lights at night, so if your windows aren’t secure, you could attract them inside for a visit.

  • Clean up any leftover mulch or dead trees you have around your property. Females love to hide out and lay their eggs inside dead organic matter.

  • Don’t bring wood indoors until you wish to burn it. Firewood acts as a means of free public transportation for unwanted pests, including wood roaches.

  • Bring in a professional team to ensure continued protection.

Wood roaches are unable to cause damage to your furniture or home. In fact, they really won’t do anything harmful to any of your property. Instead, they will multiply at unbelievable rates and become an intolerable nuisance for both humans and pets alike. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has been serving Central and North Central Illinois and Southwest Iowa for years and are no strangers to the annoying wood roach.  

Our goal is to provide unparalleled service and protection from pests like the wood roach. To bring you the top-notch service you deserve, we suggest a series of year-round services and extended protection to help prevent the unhealthy rate of wood roach population growth that can plague a home. When you contact us here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, you will not have to worry about wood roaches again.

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