What To Do About German Cockroaches On Your Davenport Property

German Cockroach crawling on a rock.

While pests are undoubtedly gross, the real problem is that they can be incredibly difficult to get rid of. While all pest populations can be hard to control, cockroaches are some of the worst. They are great at infiltrating homes and businesses, as well as surviving elimination attempts. Only by getting started on early prevention right away can you hope to avoid finding out just how hard cockroaches are to get rid of.

German Cockroaches: An Overview

The most common invasive cockroaches in the world are German cockroaches. While they’ve got a European name, they are found all over and have spread like wildfire through the Americas over the past few centuries. Part of the reason is that they aren’t easy to kill. German cockroaches are capable of flattening their bodies to fit into tight spaces and survive being stepped on. Like many kinds of cockroaches, they’ve also developed resistance to many kinds of pesticides. That’s why it’s important to know what attracts cockroaches to your property, and the ways that they commonly get inside of structures.

How Cockroaches Get Inside

Cockroaches are scavengers, constantly looking for food, water, and shelter that they can take advantage of. It’s this behavior that makes them such common invaders of human properties. They know that they can survive on the waste that our daily lives create, so they specifically target areas where they can gain entry indoors. Here are some common ways this happens:

  • Cracks & Holes: Cockroaches can fit through even small cracks in exterior walls to get inside. Routinely checking for these faults is a good safety step.

  • Doors & Windows: Torn window screens and gaps under doorways are also common entrances that cockroaches use to get inside. Door sweeps and weather stripping can help.

  • Contaminated Items: Cockroaches or their eggs can also hide inside of store-bought goods, especially contaminated food products. Used clothing and furniture can be contaminated as well.

The Risks Of Faulty Control Methods

If just anyone could get rid of cockroaches, there wouldn’t be any need for pest control experts. Truth is, only experts can truly account for all the ways cockroaches can invade and survive. Unfortunately, far too many property owners try to save money by trying to get rid of pests on their own. With cockroaches, this is especially unwise, since DIY methods likely won’t work. Here are some of the biggest issues with store-bought or at-home methods:

  • Ineffective: Cockroaches can’t be killed by just any insecticide. Many have developed resistances to commonly bought sprays or bug bombs. 

  • Dangerous: Not only can these chemicals be ineffective, but they can also be dangerous to you and your loved ones. Only professional solutions are guaranteed to be harmless.

  • Costly: When these methods don’t work, you’ll have cost yourself crucial time and money that could have been spent on effective treatments.

Turn To The Pros For Help

With such common invaders, that can be nightmares to try and get rid of, the smart thing for cockroach control is to contact professionals. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, our experts can provide you with useful tips on how to protect your property from German cockroaches. If they’re already a concern, we’ll act fast to remove them, in ways that are guaranteed to be safe and effective. Not only can professionals save you money, but we can also help you keep up on pest control to help make sure they are never a concern. Let us get started on an inspection of your property today, so we can determine whether you need routine prevention or some more immediate solutions.

To keep your property safe from invasive cockroaches, contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today.

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