What Attracts Yellow Sac Spiders To Your Home?

Yellow Sac Spider crawling on a rope.

You are probably hoping to do all you can to avoid attracting yellow sac spiders to your home. After all, who wants to open their curtains in the morning to be surprised by a creepy, yellow spider hiding behind them? Yellow sac spiders are unique in their appearance and, while relatively harmless, most people don’t want to avoid them at all cost. Should you find yourself with an infestation of yellow sac spiders, or you just want to keep them out to begin with, you should consider calling in the professionals.

How To Identify Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow sac spiders are some of the smallest spiders you will come across, usually only growing to around a quarter of an inch in size. Their beige to yellow bodies with a hint of green, and two rows of four beady eyes, can be quite astonishing upon first glance. Yellow sac spiders spin webs and hibernate during the day, so you are more likely to encounter their webs than the spiders themselves.

Problems Yellow Sac Spiders Cause

The biggest problem with yellow sac spiders is that they are a nuisance in your home, leaving their messy webs in corners, behind curtains, or around your attic. Where there is one pest there are usually more - having these spiders in your home may attract their predators. Additionally, yellow sac spiders can bite, and while usually not harmful, their bites can cause skin irritation.

Why Yellow Sac Spiders Are Attracted To Your Home

Yellow sac spiders are not usually looking to come inside your Illinois home. However, when food becomes scarce and the opportunity arises, they do often end up inside. Eliminate leaf piles, brush, overgrowth of vegetation, and woodpiles around your property - all are attractive to these types of spiders - and you can reduce the chance of their presence in your home. Take measures to try to reduce the risk of other pests on your property, such as eliminating standing water and outdoor food sources, to keep spiders away from your Illinois home.

What Professional Pest Control Can Accomplish

At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators we know that reducing the number of unwanted pests on your property in your Moline home is a priority. We not only treat your current infestation, but partner with you to prevent future infestations as well. We accomplish this through the reduction of a variety of pests utilizing proven exclusion techniques. Call us to get started living without spiders in your Illinois home.

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