Streator Homeowners' Complete Fall Pest Prevention Guide

Colony of ants eating smudges of food off a plate.

As summer fades into the vibrant dormancy of fall, and the anticipation of cheerful holidays beckon from just around the corner, you might feel yourself drawn to airing out your seasonal decorations and settling into the changing of the seasons. Before you give in to temptation, though, you might want to consider adding pest prevention to your autumnal traditions first. Home-invading pests always seek out warmer accommodations when cold weather strikes, and if you don't make sure your Streator home is sealed up tight, you could find yourself hosting a seasonal BnB for a plethora of pests all fall and winter long.

If You're Cold, They're Cold Too – Common Fall Pests In Streator Neighborhoods

Even though some pests are a year-round threat, some are more common during specific times of the year. Since Illinois doesn't have a tropical or subtropical climate, pests like stinging insects, ticks, and mosquitoes quickly become a non-issue during the fall, but the same can't be said for these homewreckers:

  • Ants

  • Termites

  • Cockroaches

  • Rats

  • Mice

  • Earwigs

  • Centipedes

  • Pantry pests

  • Spiders

Most of the pests listed above are common invaders all year long, but some are less likely to infiltrate your home without inclement weather or changing seasons. Still, colder weather creates quite an emergent situation for these critters, and they'll live almost anywhere if it means they can survive another day.

Pest Prevention Tips For Your Streator Home

When protecting your Streator home against unwanted pests this year, you'll want to make sure you minimize easy entry points and attractive qualities that your house might possess without you even knowing:

  • Maintain proper food storage by storing dried foods in airtight containers, keeping refrigerated foods put away, and wiping down counters and food-prep areas daily

  • Clean up food spills and messes immediately, and sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly

  • Clean under heavy appliances and furniture like the oven, fridge, couches, TV stand, etc.

  • Check for and repair any leaky pipes and extensive water damage

  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all trash cans

  • Downsize household clutter often, and air out any darkened corners of your home

  • Replace worn-down insulation around doors and windows

  • Find and repair any cracks, holes, and gaps in the foundation, siding, exposed wood, roof and trip, and around outdoor-leading pipes and wires

Pest Prevention Tips For Your Streator Property

No matter how much prevention you implement on the interior of your Streator home, if you don't make the same amount of effort outside, pests will simply bide their time until they can find a way inside. Reducing the attractive qualities your lawn may also possess will significantly reduce your chances of an indoor infestation:

  • Remove leaf, brush, wood, and miscellaneous debris piles from your lawn

  • Clean out your gutters

  • Make sure your lawn is draining properly by aerating the soil

  • Store firewood away from your house, and always check the wood before you bring it inside

  • Keep tight-fitting lids on outdoor trash cans as well

  • Trim back low-hanging tree branches and overgrown bushes

How To Evict Unwanted Pests In Your Streator Home

Unfortunately, pest prevention can only go so far, especially with how tenacious these invasive critters are during the fall. Prevention isn't always foolproof, and that's why it's always important to partner with a trusted local pest control company like Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We know you work far too hard to pay for subpar pest control service, so you should never settle for less than the best. We always use the highest quality pest control products in all of our treatments to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Make sure your home is protected this fall; get in touch with us today and start discussing your options.

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