Why Call Quik-Kill For Wasps In Bettendorf

Full grown wasp resting on a tree branch.

It’s a simple fact that no one, we repeat, no one, wants stinging insects invading their Bettendorf home. Whether they are yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, or bees, having a stinging insect colony on your property, in an outbuilding, or in your home is a frustrating and dangerous problem to handle. Often, many Bettendorf homeowners may try and handle a stinging insect infestation on their own with internet DIY methods that are “proven” to work. Methods such as burning a nest, using harmful wasp sprays, and knocking nests out of roof eaves are all common DIY methods of removal that could be dangerous to humans as well as the environment. Social stinging insects will swarm if they believe you are a threat to their nest, which can leave you with dozens, or even hundreds, of stings. Additionally, many people cannot determine the helpful honeybee from more dangerous stinging insects such as yellow jackets. If you destroy a nest of honey bees, you are doing damage to the ecosystem in the long run.

Why Professional Insect Removal Works

When it comes to removing a stinging insect nest, only professional pest control experts have the skills and expertise needed to know what to do with the specific stinging insect population on your property. Putting yourself in harm’s way to get rid of yellow jackets, wasps, or bees is never the right solution. Stinging insect removal specialists know whether to eliminate or relocate the stinging insects on your property. Professional pest control technicians can identify the honey bees are beneficial to the environment, as well as the yellow jackets that are a threat to you and your home.

Why Quik-Kill Is Your Best Bet

The pest experts here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators have been certified and specially trained to deal with a wide variety of home-invading pests, and stinging insects are no exception. We understand the frustration and danger that stinging insects can bring for you and your family, which is why we offer quick service visits to deal with your pest problem(s) immediately. Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you are dealing with stinging insects on your property. Contact Quik-Kill today and learn how our home pest control programs can give you the pest protection you need here in Bettendorf and throughout the Quad City area's.

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