Why Professional Help Is Best For Invasive Stinging Insects

Close up of a wasp's head.

During this time of year, stinging insects can be found just about everywhere in our area. When you think of stinging insects you may think of bees, wasps, or yellowjackets, but how much do you actually know about these stinging insects? Some bees like honey bees and bumble bees are beneficial, while others like carpenter bees, wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are nuisances pests that are actually dangerous to have around your Moline, IL home! In this blog, we are going to touch on which of the common stinging insects in our area are harmful and which are beneficial and why DIY bee control methods are so dangerous.

Eliminate ‘Em All

When we see stinging insects on our property, our first instinct is usually to kill them. We swat at them, grab cans of bee or wasp spray, knock down their nests with brooms, and even light ground nests on fire, and while these methods can work to get rid of these pests, we have to ask ourselves, “am I doing more harm than good?” After all, can you tell the difference between a carpenter bee and a honey bee? Do you understand the ecological ramifications of spraying tons of bee spray into the air? If your answer to the above questions is no, you may inadvertently harm the bees that are beneficial to the ecosystem by performing these DIY stinging insect control methods. The safest and most effective way to deal with stinging insect problems is to turn to the pest control professionals to remove the stinging insects from your property.

Harmful vs Helpful Stinging Insects

When dealing with bees, it is important to know which ones you’re dealing with. To learn more about harmful vs. beneficial stinging insects, check out this recent article. Here’s a quick overview: bees like carpenters bees which burrow into the wood of your home, or wasps and yellow jackets that form nests under your eaves can do damage, sting you, and are harmful to have on your property; however, bees like the bumble bee or honey bee serve a vital role in the ecosystem by pollinating flowers, plants, trees, fruits, and vegetables! Though both bumble bees and honey bees can sting, killing them causes more harm to kill them than accidentally being stung as we need these beneficial bees to ensure the continuity of our food sources!

Professional Stinging Insect Removal

When dealing with stinging insects, it’s always best to call the professionals for their removal. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, our professionals can identify the species of stinging insect plaguing your property and can then determine the best method of removal. Honey bees and other beneficial bees will be relocated, and the other harmful stinging insects will be treated for and eliminated. Disturbing any type of stinging insect nest can lead to many stings which can cause an allergic reaction and can even be life-threatening, so by letting the professionals handle it, you can keep both yourself and any helpful bees on your property safe! Contact us at Quik-Kill to learn more about our residential pest control options in Moline, IL.

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