Yellow Jacket Prevention Tips For Peoria Homeowners

Yellow Jacket crawling on wood.

Summer is always a busy time for stinging insects around Peoria, but you might notice an increase in yellow jacket activity as summer nears the end. Late summer and early fall are the time of year when yellow jackets are the most active because their food supply is dwindling and they are hunting for food. Additionally, yellow jackets live in colonies, and at this time of the year, the colony population is significant because the young have hatched.

Yellow jackets are fond of sweet foods, which is why you may have them as uninvited guests at your picnic or barbecue. The sugary drinks and food items attract them on your table. Be sure to clean up as soon as the party is over, gathering up all the sodas and scraps that could attract unwanted insects.

Controlling Yellow Jackets

While yellow jackets are a nuisance if they show up at your party, they are a more serious problem if they build a nest on your Peoria property. Yellow jackets frequently build ground nests near buildings. They will also build their nests up higher, sometimes in the walls of homes or chimneys or attics.

The presence of a yellow jacket nest is a danger because these insects can be aggressive, and they will attack if they think you are a threat to their nest. Unlike some bees, yellow jackets can repeatedly sting, which makes the attacks worse.

There are some actions you can take to try to prevent yellow jackets from nesting near your home.

  • Trim back trees and bushes from the sides of your house.

  • Keep trash cans tightly covered.

  • Seal up cracks in your foundation and around openings such as doors and windows.

  • Install vent covers on any vents in your exterior walls.

  • Don't leave food or drinks around your yard when you're finished with them.

Get Professional Help 

Since yellow jackets can be aggressive, the best approach if you find a nest is to call a professional pest service to remove it safely. DIY sprays are often ineffective, and they can harm beneficial bees as well as these wasps.

At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we know the difference between beneficial bees and nuisance bees. We’ll determine what insects are on your property, relocate the beneficial ones, and treat the nuisance ones to eliminate them.

Contact us today to find out about our residential pest control solutions.

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