Norway Rats 101: Everything Peoria Property Owners Need To Know

Rat crawling out of a small hole.

Insects bother and gross people out, but they usually don’t cause as much panic as rats. Rats are much bigger and can’t easily be shooed away, or squashed with a newspaper. Some families have them as pets, but that’s in a controlled setting. You definitely don’t want them coming into your property on their own. They can destroy your Peoria home or business, and transmit disease. Norway rats, also known as brown rats, target human spaces in particular. They’ve done so for ages. Brace yourself now by learning how to identify and prevent these vermin from showing up. Also, find out how Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can help save the day.

Identifying Norway Rats

Norway rats can be as large as 40 centimeters, with scaly tails half that length. They can weigh up to 500 grams. Their shaggy fur is typically gray or brown. They love to dig and make burrows. This is how they make their way inside properties. Yards with gardens, thick shrubbery, and grass attract them. Once they’ve plowed their way through the landscaping and to the door, they’ll widen entry points with their teeth. The texture and flexibility of their bodies allow them to get in holes ½ inch round or smaller. Common access paths for them include utility holes, gaps under doors, crawlspaces, and feeble wall vents. Structures that are weak or in need of maintenance are heaven for these creatures.

Rodents have teeth that are constantly growing. They trim them by gnawing on things. They’ll quickly ruin foundations, furniture, and wiring. The cuts they leave in electrical cords can cause a fire. As they crawl, eat, and drop waste, they spread illness-generating bacteria. They carry parasites in their fur and contaminate food and surfaces.

You may have an infestation if you see the following:

  • Capsule-like feces about two centimeters long

  • Bite marks on objects, foundations, and powerlines

  • Grease stains or rub marks along walls; they leave these while running

  • Outside burrows around the perimeter of your property

Dark rub marks, especially, are an indication of a high-volume infestation. Also, spotting rats in plain sight during the day is a tell-tale sign of major trouble. They are primarily active at night and prefer dark, low-traffic areas. So, if they’re out and about, nests are likely overrun. They tend to inhabit basements, attics, storage rooms, and crawl spaces.

Preventing Norway Rats

Rodents breed very quickly and are challenging to exterminate without professional assistance. Therefore, prevention is crucial. Here are some tips for keeping these critters away:

  • Put food in air-tight storage containers and keep garbage-can lids closed

  • Fix leaks and cracks around water sources, like pipes

  • Seal cracks and holes around walls, windows, vents, and doors

  • Trim greenery and have it distanced from your home

  • Regularly tidy up and reduce clutter in storage units

How Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators Gets Rid of Norway Rats

As mentioned, rodents are very hard to remove. It’s easy for one to turn into hundreds. Whether you need prevention or extinguishing services, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators can get the job done. Our technicians are licensed and highly trained. They’ll be able to survey your property and locate places requiring attention. If you have a pre-existing problem, our people will have the knowledge to accurately classify rats and use just the right treatment. Our rat control baits, traps, and pesticides are effective and safe.

We have subscription plans that are affordable and provide you with continued care. We’ve been scaring off insects and other pests since 1929, and don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Call us today for your free inspection!

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