The Pests Affecting Illinois Businesses In Spring

Pest-free restaurant ready for customers.

Everyone knows that when it comes to a business, reputation is everything. A good reputation will earn positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising, bringing you more business, while a bad reputation will earn poor reviews and word-of-mouth warnings to stay away from your business.

Nothing can ruin your business’s reputation quite like pests. Read on to learn about the pests affecting Illinois businesses this spring.


Simply seeing a cockroach is enough to send a customer away for good. However, cockroaches can destroy your business even if a customer never sees a single one.

Cockroaches are dangerous bugs that carry and transmit a host of illnesses. Imagine for a moment visiting a restaurant. You enjoy a delicious meal, completely unaware that cockroaches had been running around in the kitchen hours before. Later that evening, you become violently ill due to salmonella. Chances are you won’t be returning to that restaurant and you’ll tell your friends to stay away too. You never laid eyes on a cockroach, but they still caused the business to lose customers.


Although rodents often infest homes and businesses in the winter when food and warmth are scarce, they’re likely to want to stick around if they have a steady food supply. Like cockroaches, rodents are bad for business both when they are seen and when they remain behind the scenes. They too transmit disease simply by walking around.


You may not think of birds as a problem for your business, but if you end up with a large flock of geese destroying your foliage and terrorizing your customers or a bunch of pigeons making it difficult for someone to get to your front door, you’ll quickly realize what a problem they can be.

What to Do About the Pests That Could Negatively Affect Your Illinois Business This Spring

When it comes to pests, prevention in your Davenport or throughout Qaud City area, home, is always best. However, even if you already have a pest problem, it’s not too late to rectify it. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators offers commercial pest control for businesses of all kinds and pests of all kinds, whether you have a current problem or simply want to prevent a problem before it begins.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs, and we understand the need for discreet, safe, and eco-friendly pest management.  

To learn more about our commercial pest control, visit our website or give us a call. It will be our pleasure to help your business maintain its great reputation.

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