Why Are There Flies In My Peoria, IL Home?

House fly crawling on wood.

As you stand with your fly swatter swatting away at insects, you probably can’t help but wonder why you have flies in your home. The answer depends on the type of fly you have, as well as other factors. Learn more about why flies may be invading your Peoria home.

Which Flies Invade Peoria Homes?

To understand why flies have chosen your home to take over, you need to know a bit about the local fly species. One common indoor fly is the housefly. Growing up to ¼ inch long, this fly is a noisy nuisance. It has a dull gray body and black lines. On the face of a housefly, you might notice a gold stripe and a silver stripe.

Meanwhile, fruit flies are much smaller creatures. They only grow to be about ⅛ of an inch long and are too small to see clearly. If you get up close with a magnifying glass, you might notice their brown, black, or tan coloration. They have pointed heads and two mouth hooks.

Bottle flies are also fairly common and resemble houseflies. However, they’re larger than house flies and are metallic green, black, or bronze. No matter which type of fly you have in your home, there’s one fact that remains true - they’re dangerous. Although flies don’t look like they could be very damaging, they have the potential to spread diseases. If you don’t want you or someone you love to become sick, fly prevention is key.

What Attracts Flies Into Homes?

Although fly behavior varies by species, they all seek out similar things. For instance, most flies are attracted to your garbage cans. They’re full of old fruit, meals, and other tasty treats for flies. If you don’t have lids on your garbage cans, you are likely to invite flies into your yard or your home. 

Food on your counter can also draw in Phorid flies. If you have ripe or overripe fruit on your counter, it won’t be long before fruit flies come around. You should eat fruit before it becomes too ripe or store it in your refrigerator.

When your home is easy for flies to access, these pests almost certain to come inside. No matter how careful you are, there could be things in your home attracting flies. If your home has open doors and windows with no screens or cracks in the walls, flies can get inside. The easy access makes your pest problems inevitable.

Keeping Flies Away

Do you want to keep flies away from your home? Before you go crazy from the buzzing and swatting, follow these tips:

  • Seal Up Your Garbage Cans: Keep all of your garbage cans closed, and buy new lids for cans that have none. This applies to both your indoor and outdoor garbage pails.

  • Clean-Up Food: If you don’t clean your home regularly, you could have ample food for flies lying around. Clean regularly, and don’t keep rotting fruit outside.

  • Seal Entry Points: Check your windows and doors for screens and rips in the screens. If necessary, replace or repair your screens. It’s also useful to check for gaps under your door and other obvious openings.

  • Clean Up After Pets: After your pets relieve themselves, clean up their mess. In addition to looking better, this will keep flies away. Avoid throwing out the waste without sealing the bag tightly.

Work With Experts

The best form of fly prevention and elimination is to work with an expert. Call us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for more advice or assistance with your fly or other pest problems. We are family-owned since 1929 offering effective home pest control service and solutions. Call us today, our trained technicians are ready to help.

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