Lady Beetle Prevention Tips

Lady Beetle crawling up a rough cement wall.

When you think about bugs in your home, the dangerous ones and biting pests come to mind. Spiders, roaches, wasps and fleas usually make the list, but one bug that does not is the lady beetle. Yes, pest prevention should include ladybugs too, but not because they are dangerous. Lady beetles in your home can invade by the thousands, and it can be frustrating to deal with, if not impossible on your own. Prevent lady beetle infestations with these five prevention tips.

  1. Cap your chimney and exhaust vents - You want to remember to seal off entry points. Chimneys and exhaust vents are a good place to start. Consider capping your chimney and installing mesh coverings on exhaust fans, drainage pipes and more.

  2. Inspect plants before bringing them inside - Lady beetles live on plants, and they eat the little bugs that feast on your flowers. If you bring flowers inside, you can bring lady beetles in with them. When you or your children bring fresh flowers, or weeds if kids are picking them, make sure to inspect them thoroughly before putting them in a vase. If you need to put some of your houseplants outside for sunshine, rinse them off and inspect them for hitchhiking pests before bringing the plants back inside.

  3. Seal gaps in walls, windows, and doors - Prevent lady beetles from crawling inside your home by inspecting screens, windows and doors. Look for any holes and seal them right away. Lady beetles are not large, so the smallest crack or crevice is the perfect size for lady beetles to sneak into your home.

  4. Install door sweeps - You may not realize it, but there is enough space for a lady beetle to squeeze under. Install door sweeps on the bottom of your outside doors.

  5. Move your garden away from the exterior of your home - Lady beetles love gardens. They enjoy sunbathing on the leaves and feeding on the aphids that destroy your plants. If your garden, shrubs, or decorative plants are too close to your home, lady beetles will move inside when the temperatures drop. Move your plants further away from your home to prevent this.

You also need to call in professionals to make sure lady beetles stay out of your home. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators offers year-round pest solutions that create a barrier around your home that stop lady beetles before they get the chance to enter your home. Call now for a free pest control inspection for your home, and together we will help you develop a year-round plan that keeps pests out.

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