Help! Spiders Keep Getting Into My Davenport Home

Big brown spider crawling on a white surface.

One insect that makes for a great horror movie is the spider. There is something about those multi-legged creatures that strike terror in the hearts of many people. The thought of a spider crawling over you while you sleep will create a great fear of spiders.

If you have spiders in your home, you need to call the Davenport pest control team at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our experts will eliminate the spiders in your home so you can sleep peacefully at night without worrying about spiders.

How Do Spiders Get Into Your Home? Eight Typical Entry Points

Walking barefoot into the hallway and seeing a spider run across the floor makes you jump to dodge it. After you have disposed of the spider, you may wonder how it got into the house. Here are eight common entry points for spiders: 

  1. Wiring 

  2. Doors 

  3. Wood window frames

  4. Pipes

  5. Garage

  6. Plants

  7. Foundation

  8. Firewood

Sealing cracks and crevices entering the home are a big part of keeping spiders out of the house. Inspect everything brought from the outside into the home. 

Eliminating The Spiders Inside Your Home

Although spiders are part of the ecosystem, we do not want to share our homes with spiders. If you have spiders in your Davenport home, do the following to get rid of spiders:

  • Vacuum The House Regularly: When you vacuum, use a sharpshooter attachment to get into the cracks and crevices to remove spider eggs. After thoroughly sweeping the home, remove the vacuum bag or contents, seal it in a garbage bag, and remove the contents from the house. 

  • Inspect Indoor Plants For Spiders: Remove them if you find spiders on houseplants.

  • Remove Firewood Stored In The Home: Relocate the wood to the exterior if you have a wood bin inside. 

  • Use Spider Traps: Strategically place the traps where you have seen the most spider activity.

  • Remove webs and eggs from the exterior of the home. 

  • Remove unused cardboard boxes in the garage and attic.

Although these ideas will help eliminate spiders from your home, the best way to get rid of spiders is to with our professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators.

Blocking Spider Entry Points In Homes

To prevent spiders in the home, do the following:

  • Use expandable foam or caulk to seal around the internet wiring entering the house.

  • Repair, replace, or add door sweeps under the exterior doors.

  • Seal holes in wood window frames with wood filler or caulk.

  • Plug gaps between gas lines and other pipes so spiders cannot enter the house.

  • Fix holes in screened windows and doors.

  • Keep the garage doors closed as much as possible to prevent spiders from entering the garage. 

  • Replace exterior lights with bug lights or LED lights. Bugs are attracted to light, and spiders are attracted to bugs. 

  • Remove leaf piles and debris near the home. Reducing the exterior spider population will lessen the likelihood of the spiders entering.

  • Seal cardboard boxes in the attic or garage or replace them with sealable plastic containers. 

  • Plant exterior plants that repel spiders like eucalyptus, rosemary, or citronella grass. 

Keeping spiders out of your Davenport house is the best way to prevent a spider infestation.

Professional Spider Control In Davenport

It can be hard to eliminate spiders once they enter the house because they can fit into tight spaces that are difficult to reach. Furthermore, if you don't destroy the spider's eggs, you won't eliminate the spiders in your Davenport home. To solve your spider solution, contact us at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. We will get the spiders out of your house so you can rest at night.

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