How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Rock Island Kitchen This Summer

Three ants eating food stains on plate.

In Rock Island, as well as other areas of Illinois, ants can be a big problem throughout the summer. Though you are most likely to see ants during the warmer months, they can survive through fall and even winter if they find a warm place to hide—such as the inside of your home. Here are some questions you might be asking about ants in your home.

How Do Ants Get Inside?

There are many species of ants. They vary in size, but most are tiny pests and have an easy time getting into the house. They can fit through small cracks in the foundation, tears in your window screens, or even spaces beneath your door. They come inside looking for shelter. If they also find food, you will soon have yourself an ant infestation.

What Attracts Ants?

Ants will eat a wide variety of food, and a crumb of bread can be a feast to them. Ants are most often found in the kitchen because it is an easy place to find food. Crumbs or spills are enough to keep ants looking for more food, and if they find uncovered food or messes, they will undoubtedly stick around for a while. Sugary foods and drinks are an especially tempting meal for an ant, and why you often find them crawling into your soda can or clumped around a dropped piece of candy.

You may also find ants in your bathroom because the moisture attracts them, and offers them plenty of water to drink and great hiding places in the damp areas under a shelf or behind the sink.

What’s Wrong with Ants?

Is an ant infestation indeed a problem? These small insects may seem relatively harmless, but they can be a considerable nuisance. Ants can also attract other insects who feed on them. If this happens, you will have two pests to get rid of, making your job even harder.

Some ants can also cause damage to the house. Carpenter ants, for example, make tunnels in wood and can damage the structural integrity of your home. Fire ants can give painful bites, and citronella ants can leave a horrible smell when crushed. Ants can also be unsanitary, especially if they have taken over your kitchen.

How to Get Rid of Ants?

If you have ants in your Rock Island kitchen, you’ll want to eliminate them as soon as possible. Ants spread quickly, and if you see several in your home, there are likely hundreds more just out of sight. Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has years of experience in ant extermination. Our specialized technicians will come to your house for an inspection. During this inspection, they will identify the species of an ant as well as factors that may have brought them inside, including any holes that may have served as an entrance. This way, when we start our treatment, you’ll have a long-lasting solution to the problem. Our pest control services are more than just surface deep. We clear your house of ants and help keep it clear.

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