The Best Flea And Tick Control For Your Peoria Property

Tick biting through human skin.

Don't let Peoria's claim to fame as being the "oldest community in Illinois" fool you. This city has ballet and theater productions, a symphony, riverfront entertainment, and unique shopping opportunities. While Peoria might be modern, it never forgets its small-town community roots. Ticks and fleas are two pests that enjoy living in this tight-knit community and often find their way into area properties. Without pest control in Peoria, it won't take long before living conditions inside rapidly go downhill.

How Fleas And Ticks Are Similar Pests

Fleas and ticks are parasites that spend their lives feeding off people's and animals' blood. Unfortunately for humans, both these parasites frequently enter properties and cause problems. Both fleas and ticks enter properties in much the same way. Since neither pest has wings, they typically catch a ride on something that will usher them into properties; they can use your pet, wildlife, people, clothing, or items you bring into your property as vehicles for entry.

Since both pests are tiny, they often get ushered into properties unnoticed, and it doesn't take long before they start seeking a host (human or pet) to satisfy their hunger. Fleas and ticks bite and transmit diseases that can make people extremely ill. When you have a "double duo" that can bring severe problems to your property, it is always good to have an experienced and trusted pest professional like Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators nearby.

Fleas And Ticks Are Similarly Dangerous

While they might be small, fleas and ticks in Peoria bring big problems. Both parasites are transmitters of diseases they pick up from other hosts. While many think fleas are just a domesticated pet problem, nothing could be further from the truth. Fleas bite people too. Flea bites on human skin often result in pain, itching, hives, or a rash. Some diseases associated with fleas include tapeworms, typhus, cat scratch disease, and bubonic plague (rare). Tick bites are similarly dangerous; they can cause burning, blisters, swelling, and a rash.

Depending on the type of tick, any number of tick-borne diseases can get transferred to people; some common ones include tularemia, ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Lyme disease. Both fleas and ticks can be tricky. Since a flea and a tick can survive long periods without a blood meal, property owners can sometimes get fooled into thinking their properties are pest-free, only to find the problem returning. To ensure properties are completely flea and tick-free, property owners should contact Quik-Kill Eliminators; our inspections and flea and tick treatments will provide a pest-free property.

Factors That Attract Fleas And Ticks To Your Yard

Property owners do have options for stopping fleas and ticks from entering their properties, and it typically starts in yards. Knowing the factors that attract fleas and ticks to properties can aid prevention.

Things that attract fleas and ticks to yards include:

  • High grass

  • Yards that directly abut woods

  • Yard debris (leaves and firewood)

  • Overgrown brush and vegetation

  • Active wildlife

  • Indoor pets that roam properties unleashed

Yard maintenance can help prevent flea and tick infestations, but it's not guaranteed. When yard maintenance isn't enough to stop invading pests, it's time to call in the pest professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators for flea and tick control.

The Best Way To Keep Fleas And Ticks Away From Your Property

While property owners can go to great lengths to prevent fleas and ticks from plaguing their properties, it sometimes isn't enough. The best way to ensure you get rid of ticks and fleas is with help from Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. In business since 1929, our second-generation family-owned and operated pest company have seen it all, and we're ready to get right to work ensuring your property is pest-free. When you're battling pests, we are the best in the industry, so contact Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today for your free inspection and to learn more about our residential pest control services in Peoria.

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