Why Carpet Beetles Are So Hard To Get Out Of Davenport Homes

Carpet Beetle on a flower petal.

Three primary types of carpet beetles exist in the Davenport region as follows:

  • Varied carpet beetles: They have a round body with wings that measure roughly two millimeters and appear in colors of yellow and brown, with black and red stripes. 

  • Black carpet beetles: The black carpet beetle has a longer body style that usually measures about four millimeters and either appears as dark brown or black. 

  • Furniture carpet beetles: They have a round or oval body shape and measure roughly two millimeters and appear in shades of white, yellow, and black.

It is very unlikely that a carpet beetle would have the strength to deliver a painful bite to humans and they do not have venom. In nature, carpet beetles generally consume nectar or pollen. When indoors, these pests will consume various foods that humans eat including rice, flour, and cereal, and may create some damage to houseplants with delicate leaves or petals.

Signs Of Carpet Beetles And Their Larvae

Compared to adults, carpet beetle larvae present more problems for homeowners. During the larvae stage, they eat various materials that may include fur, fabric, and leather and often damage clothing, furniture, and other belongings. In this phase that lasts for several months, the creatures can survive for weeks without access to food. 

Carpet beetle larvae also are attracted to many of the oils contained in human skin and hair. In many cases, these pests will crawl on sleeping humans to pursue these oils and may leave a minor rash.

Ways To Prevent Carpet Beetles

One of the best ways to avoid dealing with these pests is by preventing them in the first place. Here are some tips:

  • Be sure to closely inspect any plants or flowers for signs of carpet beetles before bringing them indoors.

  • Promptly repair any holes in screens, and apply a sealant or weatherstripping to gaps around windows and doors to prevent access.

  • Avoid storing blankets and clothing materials in cardboard, or other boxes that are not pest-proof.

  • Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture should be professionally cleaned.

  • Adhere to a regular schedule of dusting and vacuuming to reduce the amount of hair and other debris that carpet beetle larvae may eat. 

Do I Need Assistance From A Pest Control Professional? 

Many homeowners mistakenly attempt to use various do-it-yourself home treatment options sold by a variety of different retailers that are marketed with inflated claims of effectiveness. Unfortunately, many of these sprays, traps, and foggers are incapable of expelling well-entrenched infestations, particularly those involving pests that can rapidly reproduce and spread to adjacent areas of a property. Also, some of these products might contain harmful chemical agents. 

The best course of action for those who recognize signs of a potential intrusion is to contact a local pest exterminator. The experts will complete a detailed inspection of the interior and exterior areas of the property to assess the problem. Next, they will propose a treatment option that will efficiently eradicate the pests.

Often, during the inspection process, our staff will also identify other property conditions that make you vulnerable to future invasions from unwanted creatures.

Experienced Pest Control Company In Davenport 

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is proud to report that we have an entomologist on staff. Entomology is a field that studies insects and their behavior and interactions with humans, plants, and other organisms. An entomologist can represent a valuable resource for industries including biology, chemistry, farming, and other agricultural sectors. 

Since 1929, our team has been solving problems for local home and business owners that are struggling with pests. We offer a comprehensive list of services that include eliminating ants, spiders, rodents, and dozens of other intruders that may create health risks or property damage. Contact us today for a no-obligation inspection.

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