Everything You Need To Know To Deter Mosquitoes In Bettendorf

Mosquito biting someone's skin.

The enjoyment of sitting on the porch sipping iced tea in the cooling breeze of the evening is a great experience that only summer can bring. However, summer brings a counter-experience that is not so great; mosquitoes. These flying pests can ruin a relaxing swing on the outdoor hammock. 

If you cannot enjoy the evening summer breeze on your Bettendorf property, you need the Bettendorf pest control services of Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our trained experts know mosquitoes! We know how to hunt them down and eliminate them so you can enjoy a relaxing evening in your yard. 

How Dangerous Are Mosquitoes? 

Of the over 3,000 mosquito species, some are vectors. A vector is a spreader of disease-causing pathogens. The following are diseases caused by mosquitoes in the United States:

  • West Nile Virus: This virus causes the most mosquito illnesses in the states. Fortunately, most people infected with the virus do not get sick; however, about one in 150 infections result in serious and even fatal reactions to the virus.

  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis: There are two responses to this virus: systemic or encephalitic. Systemic infections result in chills, fever, and joint pain, which may last several days. Encephalitic reactions cause swelling of the brain resulting in convulsions and coma. Fortunately, only about five to ten cases of Eastern equine encephalitis occur in the United States, and most of them are in the Gulf Coast states. 

  • Dengue Fever: Although it is highly unlikely mosquitoes in Iowa will infect a person with this illness, it produces high fever and flu-like symptoms. This illness is in tropical and subtropical parts of the world, including the southern United States. 

Outside the United States, mosquitos are vectors of yellow fever, chikungunya, and malaria. Although it is possible to contract a disease from mosquitos in Bettendorf, most bites will only result in a red, itchy bump with no infections attached.

What Does The CDC Say About Mosquitoes?

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states the following regarding mosquitoes in the United States:

  • "Over 200 types of mosquitoes live in the continental United States and United States territories; of these 200, about 12 types spread germs that can make people sick. Other mosquitoes bother people and are considered nuisance mosquitoes. In general, nuisance mosquitoes do not spread germs."

  • "Most types of mosquitoes in the United States are nuisance mosquitoes. These mosquitoes do not spread germs that make people sick."

Although we can relax knowing that most mosquitos in Bettendorf do not carry diseases, we still need to rid the yard of mosquitoes because some may be present that will transmit disease. 

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Mosquitoes 

Whether we like it or not, mosquitoes are a necessary component of the ecosystem, and we have to live with them. Here are three things to evade mosquitoes and minimize risk:

  1. Cover your skin with protective clothing. 

  2. Remove items that hold stagnant water from your property.

  3. Seal doors and windows with screens.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, and most species don't travel more than 200 yards from their breeding ground. Therefore, the best way to keep mosquitoes out of the yard is to eliminate stagnant standing water. 

Is It Time To Consider Professional Mosquito Control?

The best way to avoid having a summer's evening ruined by mosquitoes is to have our professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators get rid of mosquitos for you. Our trained experts will identify breeding areas and apply environmentally safe and effective treatments to destroy mosquitoes and their eggs. Contact us, and let us solve your mosquito problem.

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