The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Bettendorf Homes

Swarm of cockroaches eating rice inside a red plastic bowl.

Pest control in Bettendorf is no easy task! Sitting right on the river, we are prone to dealing with all sorts of “water bugs” and other wildlife that thrive near water sources.

One of the world’s most notorious offenders in this category would be the cockroach. These pests are known the world over for their unsanitary nature, and are actually potentially quite harmful to humans. Any restaurant, for example, could easily be shut down if a customer or inspector notices roaches on the site.

That’s why we decided to put together a guide for homeowners full of fast facts and interesting tips regarding cockroach control. This will allow homeowners to identify, diagnose, and ultimately act to eradicate any infestation of cockroaches that turn up.

The Dirty Habits And Behaviors Of Common Cockroaches

To call cockroaches “dirty” would be a serious understatement. These critters are some of the most unsanitary pests one can deal with. In fact, restaurants may be closed immediately if an inspector or customer notices a single one of these bugs on the premises!

So, why all the panic over roaches? Can cockroaches bite? Is roach control life-saving? Put simply, roaches are the perfect combination of a number of traits that make them awful co-inhabitants of any human dwelling or business. Not least of which is their resistance to diseases and other pathogens that many other animals are harmed by.

That means that cockroaches in Bettendorf can (and do) come into contact with a number of harmful materials that would otherwise be dangerous for even most pests, and then spread that material into our homes and often enough, onto our food. Bites are the least of your worries when it comes to roaches!

Why It's Dangerous To Have Roaches In The House

Once the cockroaches that have entered a home start reproducing, their numbers will grow exponentially. As we’ve demonstrated, cockroaches are extremely dangerous to have around for a number of reasons.

Not least among them is their capacity to spread dangerous diseases and pathogens to humans. Cockroaches can easily bring into contact with our food a number of hazardous materials that can really pose a significant health risk to humans.

Roaches can also cause complications with asthmatics and people who have breathing issues, too. There’s a serious uptick in the reporting of breathing issues in homes where cockroaches are present.

Factors That Attract Cockroaches Into Homes

If you want to know how to repel cockroaches, it’s worth taking a look at what they’re attracted to in the first place. Like us, cockroaches are basically in a perpetual search for shelter, food, and readily-available sources of either.

Unfortunately, that oft comes in the form of a human dwelling. The food stores in an average home, if left unattended, are nothing short of a feast for invading cockroaches. Spaces under and behind furniture, walls, and anywhere generally out-of-sight provides shelter and safety for insects.

Thankfully, there’s a way to seriously dampen the chances of roaches becoming attracted to a home – cleanliness.

While most roaches aren’t particularly picky eaters once they’re inside, they do typically respond to incentive. If there are insecure food sources or waste on the premises, roaches will detect this and make a line for them. Sealing all food products will go a long way in keeping the roaches away.

The Secret To Total Cockroach Control For Bettendorf Homes

So, what to do if you see a cockroach? Don’t panic. The best cockroach control available for homeowners is at your fingertips. Call in the pros! Don’t leave the odds in the hands of fake cockroach control products.

Unfortunately, homeowners don’t stand much of a chance to eradicate or remove a full infestation of cockroaches, once they’ve taken hold. Professional solutions, on the other hand, are able to totally eliminate any infestations that take hold.

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators are the number one solution in town for homeowners dealing with cockroaches or other pests. We have the experience, the tools, and are standing at the ready to help you retake your home today.

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