Tips And Tricks To Prevent Cockroach Infestations In Davenport

Cockroach crawling on the floor.

Cockroaches are insects that exist in thousands of different species worldwide. These are problematic pests that will invade homes in search of food and shelter. Once indoors, they will begin to reproduce and expand their presence. 

How do cockroaches get inside a home? Cockroaches have a flat body style that allows them to navigate through small openings. Some examples include openings below exterior doors, gaps around windows, and crevices near the foundation of the structure. 

Where do cockroaches hide after entering a property? They will usually remain hidden in quiet, dark areas such as basements, underneath appliances, in plumbing areas, and more. 

Does baking soda kill cockroaches?  Some individuals have experienced some degree of success by mixing baking soda with sugar and placing it on floor areas where cockroaches are likely to pass. Keep in mind that these types of home remedies are likely to generate unpredictable results that cannot compare to professional treatment options. 

The Different Types Of Cockroaches That Invade Davenport Homes

Some of the most common types of cockroaches found indoors in the Davenport region include American cockroaches, German Cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. 

How Are Cockroaches In Davenport Dangerous?

Cockroaches routinely travel through trash and sewage and have exposure to parasites. They are known carriers of cholera, E.coli, and a host of other dangerous conditions.

Useful Cockroach Prevention Tips For Davenport Homes

How do cockroaches get inside? Cockroaches may be inadvertently brought into homes within grocery bags, storage boxes, and other containers. More commonly, these creatures will locate cracks on the exterior foundation, gaps around windows, or any spaces that exist below exterior doors. 

Some of the best practices for eradicating different types of cockroaches include: 

  • Place leftovers in durable containers or the refrigerator and remove crumbs from floors and counters
  • Keep lids on kitchen-area trash cans

  • Seal any cracks or other exterior points of entry.

The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Davenport Homes

Where do cockroaches hide, and how can I locate them? As largely nocturnal creatures, cockroaches are seen much less frequently during the day and tend to remain hidden beneath furniture and appliances, below sinks, in drain areas, and within interior walls. 

Does baking soda kill cockroaches? While concoctions made with baking soda have demonstrated some success against cockroaches, it is not a viable option for property owners that have a significant cockroach infestation where these pests have become deeply entrenched in hard-to-reach places of the home.

There is no substitute for the services performed by a professional pest controller. Cockroaches reproduce rapidly and are extremely resilient, making it challenging for do-it-yourself measures to succeed.

Experienced Local Pest Control Company

Did you know that the specialists with Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators are now armed with many of the latest treatment options for terminating cockroaches? One such product is the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, which is an insecticide that has demonstrated significant results throughout residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial environments against cockroach species such as German, American, Asian, and more. 

We also will deploy the Advion Cockroach Bait Arena, an EPA-approved solution that has proven to be potent against all major species. This product features a special, proprietary blend that is positioned near harborage areas and attracts these pests.

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators is a second-generation, family-owned organization that has spent decades assisting residential and commercial customers in this region who are facing concerns involving bed bugs, termites, rodents, and a host of other unwanted and noxious pests. We have no magic formula for our long-term success; rather, our team is committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction. Contact us today for an onsite property assessment and estimate.

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