Why Homeowners In The Quad Cities Trust Quik-Kill For Mosquito Protection

Professional pest control technician doing mosquito control.

You probably think of mosquitoes as those buzzing pests that fly around, land on you, deliver a stinging bite, and fly off. And yes, they do all those things, but most of the day they rest in the shade. That’s because mosquitoes are moisture-seeking creatures. They need moisture to survive, and spending too much time in the hot sun can dry them out. After hiding all day in the shade, they become active in the early morning and the evening, when the sun is down, and humidity goes up.

Mosquitoes also seek out wet places to lay eggs. Pretty much anything that can hold water can attract them. If you walk around your yard, you’ll probably find at least a few unexpected items and places where water is collecting, such as in gutters that are stuffed with leaves, kids' toys left in the yard, and the saucers under potted plants. Make it a habit to empty these items of water, put away items such as toys that don’t need to be out, and fix or clean gutters and leaky spigots that create puddles.

Mosquito treatment

While you can reduce the number of mosquitoes by being vigilant about limiting areas of standing water, for serious mosquito control, you should turn to a professional pest control service. At Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, we offer a variety of services that will help reduce mosquito populations now and in the future.

Our treatments are successful because we focus on limiting breeding. With fewer eggs, fewer mosquitoes will hatch in the future. We use targeted treatments to reduce the number of egg-laying female mosquitoes. We specifically target shady places where mosquitoes spend their days, such as in areas that are shaded by trees and shrubs or under your deck or porch.

Just one female mosquito can produce up to 100 eggs every few days, so treatments that target egg-laying females have a long-term effect on the mosquito population around your property.

Treatment options

Regular, targeted treatments are the best way to keep the mosquito population on your property under control. However, if you don’t spend a lot of time in your yard but are concerned that mosquitoes will ruin an upcoming party or another event you're hosting on your property, Quik-Kill also offers a one-time treatment to get your yard ready for your guests.

Whether you want regular treatments to reduce mosquitoes on a long-term basis or want to try a one-time treatment, don't hesitate to call us. Homeowners around the Quad Cities count on us for mosquito control, and we'd be happy to provide that service to you, too.

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