Should I Be Worried About Mud Daubers In My Peoria Yard?

Mud Dauber landing on budding flowers.

Should I Be Worried About Mud Daubers In My Peoria Yard?

There is something about wasps that makes them seem scarier than other pests. Most people learn to fear wasps from an early age after being stung by one. This usually sparks a general avoidance for anything that even remotely looks like it might have a stinger. Today we will be talking about one common type of wasp, the mud dauber, and breaking down how to identify and remove these pests around your property.

How To Identify Mud Daubers

The mud dauber wasp is a very slender insect. This pest is best identified by the long thin connecter that makes up the front half of its abdomen. These common yard insects are typically black, have yellow markings, and grow to be ½ to 1+” long. Something that sets the mud dauber wasp apart is where it lives. Unlike many other types of wasps in our area that live in large social colonies, this mud wasp lives alone inside a tiny, cylindrical mud apartment. We call them apartments because it is not uncommon for these pests to build next to one another. If you notice what looks like mud straws on the side of your home or outbuilding, then chances are they are occupied by mud daubers.

Are Mud Daubers Aggressive?

The main reason wasps get aggressive is to protect their nest and queen. Because mud daubers do not have queens or large nests to protect, they are considerably less aggressive. Now, do mud wasps sting? Absolutely. If this pest feels trapped or threatened, it will use its stinger to fend off foes much larger than itself. That said, a mud wasp sting is considered less painful than other area wasps. If you have an allergy to insect venom, however, then pain isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about. All in all, despite being less aggressive, mud daubers are not pests you want buzzing around your Peoria property.

Does Anything Instantly Kill Mud Daubers?

You have probably noticed wasp sprays when perusing your local supermarket or hardware store. These sprays are built to launch several feet and do kill pests like mud daubers fairly quickly. That said, we do not recommend trying this method yourself. To start, these products contain dangerous chemicals that, if ingested, touched, or sprayed into the eyes can cause serious harm. In addition, trying to spray mud dauber apartments or any other wasp home is likely to garner some anger. Even though mud daubers are fairly docile, they will attack in numbers if you make the first move. The best thing you can do to stay safe and avoid stings is hire a professional and let them handle your problem for you. But where can you find amazing pest control in Peoria at an affordable price?

What Is The Best Treatment For Mud Daubers

If you are looking for how to get rid of wasps in Peoria, look no further than Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators. Our team knows where to look for these pests and has the safety equipment and treatments needed to quickly and effectively remove infestations from properties. If you think wasps have built a nest inside your home, let us know immediately. We offer emergency services to quickly address pests that are currently threatening homeowners.

Contact our team now to learn more about our wasp control, and other pest control, options. One of our friendly and educated service representatives will answer any questions you have, help you schedule your Peoria home and yard for a visit, and get you on your way to a pest-free home and a safer property.

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