When To Call The Professionals For A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bug bites on someone's skin.

When you go to sleep each night, you probably don’t think you are going to wake up in the morning with tiny red bites going up and down your legs. Starting your morning with itchy welts all over your skin is not something anyone wants to go through. But knowing what is biting you is a step in the right direction in order to start changing your circumstance. Tiny, apple seed-sized bed bugs may be your culprit if you keep finding bites, or if you begin noticing signs that indicate your home is infested.

Bed bug infestations come with several indicators, but often these indicators can be hard to spot in the beginning stages of an invasion and will go unnoticed until the infestation has reached a larger size.

  • Blood spots on sheets, blankets, and pillows are a sure fire sign of bed bugs in your home. When bed bugs feed on your blood, they puncture the skin and fill themselves up with your blood. Once they’ve finished feeding, they will go back into hiding, but not before they’ve left a trail of blood spots and excrement behind them.
  • Live bed bugs (or dead ones!) are an obvious indicator of an existing infestation. Seeing these red/brown insects in your bags, carpet, or in your bedding means you need to find bed bug experts to come and get rid of them asap.
  • Tiny white eggs in the folds of your sheets, in couch cushions, or in similar locations can also tell you that you’ve had bed bugs inside of your home long enough for them to reproduce and lay eggs. If you’re seeing bed bug eggs in your home, you can be certain that there are adult bed bugs lurking around as well.

When you’re searching for the best bed bug treatment options, there are a few very effective ones you’ll most likely find information on. The bed bug identification, control, and elimination tactics we use here at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators are some of the best ways you can rid your home of bed bugs and are safe for your home and family.

  • Conventional Bed Bug Removal: This treatment method utilizes specialized EPA-approved chemicals in targeted areas of your bed bug infestation.
  • Heat Treatment: When it comes to safe and eco-friendly, bed bug heat treatments are an effective way to eliminate bed bugs in all stages of life, without disturbing anything in your home. Heat treatments can reach areas where other conventional methods cannot.
  • K-9 Inspections: Identifying and targeting a bed bug infestation in your home becomes a lot quicker and more effective when a highly trained K-9 inspection team is used to find the location of your bed bug infestation. These inspections are fast and non-invasive, meaning that we will be in and out of your home without adding too much disruption to your daily activities.

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators offers the best bed bug treatment in Rock Island and the Quad City area because we care about the quality of the pest services we provide. Don’t wait for your bed bug infestation to intensify, contact us today for early detection and removal.

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