Are Cockroaches A Problem For Davenport Homes In The Fall?

German Cockroach crawling on a white granite kitchen counter top.

While most summer pests are beginning to settle down for the year, a few of our least favorite insects are making a comeback, and it's not pretty. 

Roach infestations can occur any time of year, not just during the summer months. Unlike some other insects, roaches can thrive in hot or cold environments, hiding in basements, garages, and homes during weather extremes. Thus, there is no typical seasonality for roach infestations. 

While the major breeding season for roaches is over by the fall, this won’t prevent them from taking up residence inside homes and businesses when the temperatures decline. Once inside, roaches can spread viruses, parasites, and bacteria strains to homeowners who haven’t noticed they have a roach problem. 

There are several fall-specific factors that can lead to roach issues in your home or property, many of which worsen as summer draws to a close. Knowing the weak spots of your pest prevention plan is the first step towards ensuring that these crafty bugs never reach the inside of your home. 

Read about Roaches 

Many of the factors that attract roaches to your home can be easily remedied with some work or professional help. 

  • Humidity in the home attracts roach families and encourages colonies that may already be present in your home to breed more often. 

  • Food of any sort left out in the open gives roaches a chance to feed. This includes crumbs, pet food, and even dirty dishes. Roaches are highly opportunistic and aren’t picky when it comes to choosing a food source. 

  • Roaches will eat anything, even other insects. If other types of pests are already present in or around your home, you can expect a large brood of roaches to follow. 

If roaches are already present in your home, no amount of prevention will eliminate them. The best course of action is to reach out to a professional pest control company for help. 

Need Help? We’ll Make it Quik 

Roaches may not be impossible to kill, but they are certainly difficult pests to manage. DIY methods rarely control the issue once a breeding colony is present on your property, and some methods may be counterproductive, enticing the roaches to stick around. If you’ve seen roaches anywhere around the home, it’s time to contact a professional pest control company for immediate assistance. Call Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators today, the pest control company with a heart for service and a passion for helping you get bug-free. 

Contact us to schedule your free Home Guardian inspection and start the process of taking back the final weeks of your summer fun. At Quik-Kill, we’re all about you.

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