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Are Wood Roaches Dangerous

May 18, 2017

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Wood roaches are the most common insect in Pennsylvania. There are 12 species here, and the largest one is aptly named the Pennsylvania wood roach. This species of cockroach grows to be 1- 1 3/4 inches in length, where most other roaches are only up to 1 inch long. These large roaches can be chestnut brown or a darker brown with their thorax and the front wing parts being outlined in off white or yellow.

This particular species of cockroach is not particularly dangerous. They are more of a nuisance to humans and are not known to carry any diseases; they also do not bite or sting. Although they are mostly nocturnal, most people do not want them taking over their homes as they can have a large presence. Their large size and creature-like appearance can be very disconcerting to any homeowner, and it can be embarrassing if they are discovered by family, friends, and guests!

Wood roaches are not usually indoor pests. They tend to live outdoors in rotted wood, bark, or other damp wood-type materials. Typically, it is only during a drought or other extreme weather condition that they seek refuge inside a home. It is usually the male of this species that will sneak in under a door or through a crack or crevice in a building. Wood sided or shingled homes are most at risk, especially if the shingles are made of cedar. These roaches will often find their way up under the shingles and possibly into your home, where they will not be welcomed guests. Homes that are built close to the woods are at a higher risk of infestation. Wood roaches will also frequently hitch a ride into a home on firewood that is being brought in for use in a fireplace or wood stove.

Wood roaches are attracted to light, especially at night; and they tend to travel in large numbers. If they enter your home, they will congregate in one area and feed on organic decaying materials and sweet or starchy foods.

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