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The Secret To Avoiding Ant Problems In Davenport

What are some of the most annoying pests you can think of? Ants probably aren’t far down the list. Ants can be problematic for many reasons. During the spring, warm weather draws them out and they can appear in large numbers on your lawn or in your home. Ants often feel inevitable and impossible to get rid of, but we have some tips to help...

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a carpenter ant crawling on a wooden fence

March 19, 2020

Spring Ants In The Quad Cities

It is about to become ant season here in the Quad Cities. Are you excited? Maybe when you were a kid you were but, as an adult with a home or business, ants can be frustrating and destructive pests to deal with. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with them alone. The experts here at Quik-Kill have a few tips to help...

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carpenter ant in damaged wood

March 17, 2017