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Should I Still Be Worried About Carpenter Ants In Moline?

Carpenter ants differ from other ants in one very important way: While the winter cold can make most ants hide in the ground till spring so they stop causing problems in our homes and businesses, carpenter ants can be a problem all winter long. That makes the carpenter ant a year-round pest....

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a carpenter ant crawling up a stone wall along a moline driveway

September 10, 2019

How To Keep Ants Out Of Your Rock Island Kitchen This Summer

In Rock Island, as well as other areas of Illinois, ants can be a big problem throughout the summer. Though you are most likely to see ants during the warmer months, they can survive through fall and even winter if they find a warm place to hide—such as the inside of your home. Here are some questions you might be asking about ants in your...

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a colony of ants infesting a rock island kitchen sink as they feast on dinner left overs amongst the dishes

August 30, 2019

Tips To Avoid Springtime Ants

The spring season is upon us, it is a time of year when everything becomes new once again and people, kids, and pets can finally get back outside and enjoy the warming weather. What is there not to love about spring? There are blooming flowers, budding trees, warm breezes, and chirping birds! But, if we are being truthful, perhaps there is one t...

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carpenter ant up close

April 11, 2018

Types Of Ants In Illinois

Regardless of where you live on the planet, ants are a problem. In Illinois, we are no exception, but you already knew that. Ants ruin your barbecues, invade your hummingbird feeders, swarm your drinks; and sometimes, they even make their way into your home. If you see ants near your Illinois home, this guide will help you determine what they ar...

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acrobat ant crawling on wood

July 19, 2017