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Why Are There Bed Bugs In My Moline Home?

When bedbugs invade the home, it's a big problem that disrupts the daily lives of Moline homeowners. Unfortunately, most people don't understand how the bedbugs got into the house in the first place. In fact, most people believe bedbugs only exist in dirty places....

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a bed bug crawling on a headboard

January 5, 2021

Tips For Bettendorf Parents To Avoid Back-to-School Bed Bugs

As your children head back into school, they will be brushing shoulders with hundreds of classmates and friends. They’ll be sharing stories of their summer travels, and they might be sharing bed bugs as well. With so many children in one space, especially after a season full of travel, it’s easier for bedbugs to be passed a...

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a child boarding a big yellow school bus on a late summer morning as he is unaware of his classmates bed bug infestation

August 22, 2019

Schools: Bed Bugs' New Target

Bed bugs, where they are found, and the problems that they cause are really nothing new; heavy media coverage about these common parasitic pests has allowed most people to have a basic understanding of them. In fact, when you hear someone say “bed bug,” the first thing that probably pops into your head is a hotel; and after hotels, y...

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mother checking child's backpack

April 30, 2018

Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips Of 2017

Lately, bed bugs have been all over the news, and everywhere you look someone is giving out various prevention tips on how to avoid a bed bug infestation. You may have even tried some of those prevention tips or fallen for some of the over the counter products that boast complete bed bug elimination, but oftentimes these products prove to do ver...

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bed bug biting skin

December 21, 2017

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