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Where Carpenter Ant Damage Occurs Inside Homes In The Quad Cities

This is a time of year when carpenter ants are very active. While they're a threat year-round, warmer weather provides them with the energy to cause more damage. They’re breeding and infesting homes as you read this, which brings me to some questions you may have. What leads carpenter ants to infest homes in the Quad Cities? And what ...

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a might colony of ants infesting the grounds of an illinois property

May 21, 2019

Types Of Ants That Are Problematic In The Winter

During the cold winter in Streator, Illinois most ants will go dormant. However, there are certain conditions that can cause carpenter ants to remain active during the cold months, and these ants can still pose a hazard to your home. This makes ants a year-round risk that requires year-round prevention and could require treatment even in the win...

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carpenter ant crawling on wooden surface

January 18, 2018