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Are The Centipedes Around My Davenport Home Dangerous?  

As the weather continues to warm up, more and more insects will be found in and around your property. Some of these insects are mostly just a nuisance pest while others can be more of a problem. Centipedes are a pest that can be rather gross and creepy to look at because they have so many legs and look like long, crawling worms....

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June 16, 2020

What It Means If You Are Seeing Centipedes In Your Quad Cities Home

There are some pests that are a nuisance and some that are downright frightening. Snakes, spiders, and centipedes all fall into the latter category for many people. Centipedes are known for their long bodies with many legs, and they can be a big problem during the spring. Here’s a guide to identifying centipedes, finding out why they&rsquo...

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a house centipede crawling on a shower stall

March 23, 2020