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How You Can Avoid Yellow Sac Spiders

There are few things as disturbing as seeing dozens of baby spiders crawling on your walls or inside your curtains. When this happens, we usually get a call to come take care of the problem. But we think it is a much better idea to deal with spiders "before" they become a problem, especially when it comes to the yellow sac spider. These spiders ...

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yellow sac spider on floor

September 13, 2017

Common Spiders In Central Iowa

Spiders are a problem no matter where you live in the United States. Although many spiders are just scary looking and a nuisance to many homeowners, some can be very dangerous. Knowing the difference between the types of spiders can ease your mind a little and knowing who to call when spiders become a problem is essential....

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black widow spider up close

April 26, 2017