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How Bird Control Works

It’s always wonderful to watch the birds flying around so freely. Perhaps you've enjoyed dropping some bread off at the local pond for the ducks. As fun as it all may be, some birds can be a real danger when you're looking to maintain a business, or when they choose your property to settle upon. Next time you decide to feed the birds, reme...

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pigeon up close

January 25, 2018

Pest Birds Are A Year-Round Problem

In the summer, birds are everywhere. They can be seen congregating on lawns, ledges, rooftops, wires, and more. In the fall, some birds will travel south for the winter, but many stay right where they are. Through the winter, birds can still be seen. If there is food to be gotten, birds will emerge from their hiding places in nature and urban lo...

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starling outside business

November 30, 2017