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Spiders Are Not Usually Alone

Have you read the book Charlotte's Web? Or perhaps seen the movie? If you have, then you know it is a story about a spider named Charlotte who lives in a barn full of farm animals. But those animals were not what attracted Charlotte to that barn. What attracted her was the bugs, namely the flies. If you are seeing spiders around your home or bus...

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house spider

May 31, 2018

Top 5 Pests To Watch Out For This Spring

Coming out of winter and into spring is something that most people look forward to. The thought of warm weather, beach days, and BBQ’s is enough to get most people out of the winter blues. One thing that most people don’t think about though is pests. With spring comes new life, and while the flowers and leaves are warmly welcomed, sp...

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family enjoying spring

March 21, 2018

Why Every Business Should Consider Pest Control

There are so many options for people when choosing which retail establishments to give their business to. Having an excellent reputation can mean the difference between a successful, thriving business, or hanging up the store-closing signs. There is nothing that can ruin a business faster than a pest sighting. All it takes is one stray cockroach...

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restaurant in streator

December 18, 2017