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Mice Prevention Tips

There you are, lying in bed, almost ready to head to dreamland and then… a loud scurry through the wall! You know what it is, so you grumble and try to ignore it, but should you? Mice are a problem that many people have faced at one point or another, and one that could happen to anyone. When winter hits they seem to become more of a probl...

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mouse hiding in corner of streator home

January 16, 2018

Types Of Rodents That Become A Problem In The Fall

Have you ever noticed that when we are in the throes of summer’s heat, all we can do is complain about how hot it is and wish for the cooler breezes of winter; but once we are in the dead of winter, we long for the hot, humid days of summer. Even during springtime, we long for summer so we can spend some time at the lake; and when the leav...

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mouse hiding next to home

November 15, 2017