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How To Prepare For Ant Season In Illinois

What is the best defense? A good offense. One of the best tips we can give for avoiding springtime ants is to be proactive about your ant control. Don't wait till you're scratching your head, wondering how ants got into your kitchen or bathroom, take steps now to prevent those ants....

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carpenter ants damaging wooden structure on streator property

March 5, 2019

Lady Beetle Prevention Tips

When you think about bugs in your home, the dangerous ones and biting pests come to mind. Spiders, roaches, wasps and fleas usually make the list, but one bug that does not is the lady beetle. Yes, pest prevention should include ladybugs too, but not because they are dangerous. Lady beetles in your home can invade by the thousands, and it can be...

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lady beetle crawling up foundation

September 22, 2017