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What To Do If You Find Moths In Your Davenport Closet

One of the most notorious pests in the Davenport area, the case-making clothes moth, is a flying menace for homeowners and apartment renters alike. These moths are no more than a half-inch in length, appearing in color patterns of grey, white, tan, and even yellow. ...

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a cloths moth inside of a davenport iowa home

January 20, 2020

A Parent & Teacher Guide To Bed Bugs In Bettendorf Schools

Bed bugs love places with lots of people, and one of those places are schools. A school building packed full of students makes it a buffet for these blood-sucking insects. Knowing what to do to prevent bed bugs from getting into a school is vital in stopping a school-wide infestation in our Bettendorf Schools....

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a raow of bed bug infested backpacks lines up along a bettendorf school

January 14, 2020